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BAND-MAID to make USA debut at Sakura-con 2016

Red-hot Japanese girls rock band BAND-MAID will make their American live performance debut at Seattle's Sakura-Con in March 2016. The five-member group has made waves over the past few months for their cute, authentic maid outfits combined with their impressive musical skills.

From An Amateur’s Perspective (In Writing and Music)

I love writing, and I love writing about Idols and the music they produce. Before I loved Idols of all forms though, I loved Hello! Project, and before that, anime music. The list of the music I love and have loved can go on, and it is a love that has been expressed here in review more than once. I just happen to condense that love, is all.

Why Do I Blog?

Selective Hearing's maknae kicks off the 10th anniversary posts with short a self reflection on why she chooses to write and how it relates to her joining Selective Hearing.