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    The follow up to 2009’s trifecta Soundtracks 2, Rahze and Music Castle finds DJ Deckstream firmly back within the world of Hip-Hop collaborations, with several...

  • Contribute to Selective Hearing

    We are looking for a few good men and women to join our ranks. If you want a platform to express your thoughts and need...

  • RHYMEBERRY – Winter Jam Review

    RHYMEBERRY’s 3rd single is a tribute to Schadaraparr’s song Summer Jam ’95. (サマージャム’95)

  • Rev. from DVL – Love Arigatou Review

    We take a listen to the debut major single from Rev. from DVL. Is this group more than a hype machine for Hashimoto Kanna's...

  • Especia – Gusto Review

    Especia are a Japanese idol group formed in June of 2012 and are known for their unique sound that is a throwback to 80’s synth...

  • Letter From the Editor July 2014

    This month's letter discusses some upcoming J-Pop concerts, which we'll be attending and the possibility of giving you the opportunity to contribute to Selective...

  • July 2014 House Mix

    This month's mix features tracks form 1 Giant Leap, Jonnie Polyester, Dirty Vegas, K-Klass and Limited Express.

  • Lovendor – Bukiyou Review

    Bukiyou is Lovendor’s second indies release and their first to feature some original material.

  • m-flo – Future Is Wow Review

    FUTURE IS WOW is m-flo’s eighth studio album and it arrives almost exactly one year after their last studio album NEVEN.

  • 7 cm – 7 cm Review

    At the end of March of 2012 SDN48 disbanded and from their ashes a new group called 7 cm arose. In January of 2014...