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  • Fairies – Fairies Review

    Fairies self-titled debut album was released in March of 2014 and features all of their singles (as of the release date of this album) and...


    The follow up to 2009’s trifecta Soundtracks 2, Rahze and Music Castle finds DJ Deckstream firmly back within the world of Hip-Hop collaborations, with several...

  • Contribute to Selective Hearing

    We are looking for a few good men and women to join our ranks. If you want a platform to express your thoughts and need...

  • RHYMEBERRY – Winter Jam Review

    RHYMEBERRY’s 3rd single is a tribute to Schadaraparr’s song Summer Jam ’95. (サマージャム’95)

  • Rev. from DVL – Love Arigatou Review

    We take a listen to the debut major single from Rev. from DVL. Is this group more than a hype machine for Hashimoto Kanna's...

  • Especia – Gusto Review

    Especia are a Japanese idol group formed in June of 2012 and are known for their unique sound that is a throwback to 80’s synth...

  • Letter From the Editor July 2014

    This month's letter discusses some upcoming J-Pop concerts, which we'll be attending and the possibility of giving you the opportunity to contribute to Selective...

  • July 2014 House Mix

    This month's mix features tracks form 1 Giant Leap, Jonnie Polyester, Dirty Vegas, K-Klass and Limited Express.

  • Lovendor – Bukiyou Review

    Bukiyou is Lovendor’s second indies release and their first to feature some original material.

  • m-flo – Future Is Wow Review

    FUTURE IS WOW is m-flo’s eighth studio album and it arrives almost exactly one year after their last studio album NEVEN.