Post by Greg

Unwrapped is the major label debut mini-album from the revamped 4-member version of FAKY. It contains their previously released singles Candy and Surrender and the album cut Are You OK? which appeared on their 2016 digital only EP CANDY.

Tofu Pro Wrestling is a TV Asahi late night drama starring various members of AKB48 and its associated sister groups. It started broadcasting on January 21, 2017 and ran 24 episodes up to July 1, 2017. The theme song for this drama is AKB48’s 47th single Shoot Sign.

Selective Hearing takes a look at the BBC Four Documentary Tokyo Girls which explores the Japanese pop music industry and its focus on traditional beauty ideals, confronting the nature of gender power dynamics at work.

Beverly is AVEX’s newest solo female artist. Awesome is her debut full-length studio album and it features the songs I Need Your Love (used in the Fuji TV drama Crisis), Just Once More (the theme song for the drama Kiss x kiss x Kiss) and Tell Me Baby.