Re: Dream is the first solo album from former E-girls and Dream member Ami. It contains all her single releases starting from her debut Dress Wo Nuida Cinderella up to July 2017’s Kimi no Tonari along with some of their associated b-sides.

In their sixth single release (13th overall), Houkago Princess transform into the beautiful Odette, queen of the swans from the famous ballet, Swan Lake. In the groups very own rendition of this tragic tale, Sayonara Dualina aims to delicately portray the struggles that conflicting emotions can bring to a young woman in love.

Unwrapped is the major label debut mini-album from the revamped 4-member version of FAKY. It contains their previously released singles Candy and Surrender and the album cut Are You OK? which appeared on their 2016 digital only EP CANDY.

That’s My Jam is a feature where one person from the Selective Hearing staff goes to wax poetic about music that is pivotal to their musical tastes. Whether that would be an album, a song, or anything in-between. We all had to start somewhere. This week: Jay-Z's American Gangster.