Rhymeberry – Rhymeberry Review

Rhymeberry's self-titled album comes after a tumultuous time where not only members left the group, but their producer as well. Reborn as a 2-member unit featuring the last OG MC MIRI and newcomer MC MISAKI, does this set of tracks live up the potential the group showed in the past or does it fall flat?

Tigarah e Laura – This World Is My Playground Review

Tigarah is a Japanese rapper whose music contains elements of Hip-Hop, J-Pop, Grime, Baile Funk, Miami Bass, Baltimore Club and Glitch Hop. This World Is My Playground is her latest full-length album release featuring the singles Spunky Afro Tiger Jet and Funky Wonderland.

KEN THE 390 – Weekend Review

Takeshi Sakuma is better known as KEN THE 390, a Japanese Hip-Hop/R&B artist and one of the founders of the Japanese Hip-Hop label Da.Me.Records. Weekend is his 8th studio album.

AISHA – Candy Love Review

AISHA is an American R&B singer who debuted on Sony Music in 2010. Candy Love is her third mini-album and her first release under Space Shower Music.

MINMI – Hologram Review

Hologram is MINMI’s 3rd digital single and 18th overall single release and was used as an insert song for the anime Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

Namie Amuro – _genic Review

_genic is Namie Amuro’s 12th studio album and third bilingual release. The sound is comprised of mostly electronic dance music with 1980’s influences. In addition, there is a touch of 1990’s R&B that has been prevalent on her past albums.