My boy Paul at Hello! Blog has posted his annual H!P poll and this year you have the chance to win some swag from JapanFiles and Hello! Store USA for participating.

This is my second year participating in the poll and here are my results. First starting with individual members of the current H!P lineup.

This is a big change from last year as there were no Elder Club members involved in this poll. That changed my decision making process just a little bit since I kind of had to actually think about this. I’d say the top 10 were pretty easy to put together, but placing them in an order I found satisfying was the hard part.

Eventually I decided on the order that you see above.  Everything below the top 10 can (and probably will) change on a daily basis except for the last 2. I just don’t dig those two as much as the other members of C-ute. Although Chisato is growing on me a little bit.

Now for the current units/soloists.

Of the current groups I feel Buono! is the most consistent musically so it’s not a surprise that they’re my #1. Morning Musume is not far behind at #2 but sometimes their output is unpredictable or iffy. Berryz & Mano Eri have recently caught my attention with strong albums/singles and  S/mileage is actually developing into a decent group.

Um… Guardians 4? I don’t really listen to their stuff and well… My thoughts on C-ute have been expressed many times so I’m not going to go over that topic again.

Yup.. Those are my responses. Now when is this years cuddle list poll going to start? =)

Written by Greg


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