Hey all! Happy new year!

Hopefully you all had a great holiday season. Anyway, apologies for the lateness of the mix, I’ve been kind of busy getting back into the groove of regular life after having time off.

Anyway, this month’s mix starts off with a couple of J-Pop remixes and moves into a mix of funky and disco flavored vocal tracks.


G’s House Sessions: January 2012 (192k MP3 81.9 MB)
Running Time: 00:59:41

Track Listing

  1. Big Bang – Haru Haru (DJ Tour Edit)
  2. Tokyo Girls Style – Kitto Wasurenai (Royal Mirrorball Mix)
  3. Dark Boogie – Livin My Life
  4. Flytronix – Free From You (12″ Mix)
  5. Studio 76 – Satisfaction (Smokin’ Beats Disco Soul Club Mix)
  6. Mustafa – I Submit To You (2000 Mix)
  7. Linda Clifford – Sunshine (Jay-J & Chris Lum 12″ Remix)
  8. MAKAI feat. KCO – Shine Your Light On Me
  9. No Halo – Put Your Hands On (Richard Earnshaw Mix)
  10. Shawn Christopher – Don’t Lose The Magic (Baggi Begovic & Soul Conspiracy Remix)

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Written by Greg


Greg is the creator, administrator, editor, code monkey, overlord and general jack of all trades at Selective Hearing. He can be found lurking among the overseas Asian pop fandom and at most major conventions and events where a J-Pop/K-Pop act (or Gashicon) appears.