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On May 4th it was announced that Mitsui Aika will graduate from Morning Musume due to health issues. Aika’s role in the group has been limited since her recovery from a stress fracture in her ankle. A return to full-time duty could result in another injury to the affected area so the reasoning behind this is valid. Unlike others before her who also had lower body injuries. We all remember how Kanna’s “bunions” forced her out of C-ute & Hello! Project right?

While many may be whipping out their expensive micro fiber Mitsui Aika wota sweat rags to cry in, I will be screaming, “It’s about damn time!” Why this did not happen earlier is beyond me but now this is a reality.

It seems that I don’t like Aika that much. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a cute kid & has some redeemable qualities but she never really lived up to her idol potential. Granted she had some stiff competition with more established personalities to fight for the attention of the fans. But with the dissecting of that factor from the group in recent years you figure she would step up in the pecking order.

Nope. Instead she gets outclassed by the 9th & 10th generations getting pushed further to the back row in the process. Is it her fault? No. As in all large groups there will always be those who will be forever in the shadow of others no matter how hard they try to push their way to the front. It’s just the way it is.

For some Aika is the underdog to root for. Others find her the most adorable member in the group. I have no problem with that way of thinking. Even I have my brief moments where I enjoy what the girl does. So all you Aika fans don’t get all high on your wota Kool-Aid when I say this:

In the end Aika was the dead weight in Morning Musume.

I can already sense the rising anger of Mitsui fans coming to a boil. If you think about her place in Momusu with all that has happened to them you have to admit that it’s a valid statement even if you vehemently disagree.

At least she gets to leave on her own terms. There’s no scandals, alleged boyfriends or any of the typical bullshit that is the result of these quick announcements. Nor is she leaving Hello! Project entirely and has already stated that she would like to do other types of work within the organization. You know, contribute in other ways without risking further injury. This is good news for her fans and I guess the general Hello! Fandom.

One can only hope that the powers that be can find something for her to do. I’m thinking MC work at concerts with the bowl headed one Makoto would be a good place to start. Otherwise she’ll be one of those “Where are they now?” type of idols.

Since this graduation announcement was so sudden it has been decided she will leave with Niigaki Risa at the end of Morning Musume’s Spring concert tour. This has some fans upset since they don’t get the opportunity to have their wallets raped with graduation goods.

Others think that Mitsui deserves her own graduation ceremony and are angry because of that. At least she gets some sort of graduation ceremony and that’s a lot better than some of the recent “graduates” from other Hello! Project groups. Those of you freaking out over this should just be happy about that.

Goodbye Mitsui Aika, we barely remember seeing you in the front row.

Written by Greg


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