Paul at Hello! Blog has put up a new poll on  his blog asking readers to rank their favorite members within all of the Hello! Project.

I rarely participate in polls unless its something I believe I could contribute to without the lingering feeling of obligation or making myself sound like a complete ass while answering questions.

In this case I don’t really have to worry about any of that and will happily share my results with you today.

Hello Blog Ranking Tall

This was difficult to put together.  A lot of  my favorites are in the Elder Club but for the sake of balance I had to really think about my choices and what order I would put them in.  I wouldn’t say there is a least favorite in here as I like all in the above list for various reasons.  But I figure a deeper explanation of my choices would be nice to have.

#’s 1 and 2 are simply because I got into Morning Musume around the 4th generation & Ishikawa & Yoshizawa are my favorite members from that time period.  Although those 2 spots are theoretically interchangeable, the reality is that the lovely Charmy will always be #1 in H!P for me.

I dunno, there’s something about her that I find extremely interesting (besides her looks) & I don’t believe that she’s as bad as a singer as some say.  Maybe back when she started her vocals were weak, but I think she’s developed a much stronger singing voice during her time with H!P.

Putting Rika at #1 doesn’t mean that Yossie isn’t awesome (because she damn sure is).  She’s certainly beautiful and I think was one of the better leaders of Morning Musume.  Her type of vocals are something that the curent roster is missing at the moment.  The thing is, I just dig Ishikawa just a tad bit more.

#3 is because Takahashi is one of my favorites within the current Morning Musume lineup.  While she may be kind of dull compared to some of the other personalities within the group, she makes up for it with pure talent.

#4 was based on a growing respect for Matsuura’s overall work (especially after hearing the Naked Songs album).  I have a stronger preference for her earlier material and find her most recent stuff kind of yawn inducing at times (except for Chocolate Damashii).

#5 is probably an odd choice for most but I’m a sucker for a hot woman in glasses.  Well when I discovered Melon Kinenbi Murata was still wearing glasses.  Glasses or not, she’s still hot.  Besides that, I think she’s one of the better singers in MK & enjoyed her appearances on Hello! Morning.

#6 is Abe Natsumi.  I’ll admit that I haven’t really listened to much of her music  (I’ve only recent gotten into it) so this is mostly based on her time as host of Hello! Morning.  Which I found to be very funny stuff during her short time as figure head of the show.  Her music (from what little I’ve heard) seems alright so far but I can’t make an informed opinion on it until I listen to more.

#’s 7 and 8 are there because I like Buono! Miyabi is a little higher on the totem pole than Airi but it’s all good.

#9 is  based on her idol persona.  It must take a lot of effort to act like a crackhead & make it an attractive package. =)  Koharu’s vocal abilities are always questionable but the aforementioned idol persona and the fact that she’s getting hotter as she gets older makes up for that.

#10 was picked more on potential than anything else.  Mano Erina is cute and when given the right type of song sounds pretty good.  Her singles have really been up & down in regards to quality, although her photobook was surpsingly interesting.  She sure is photogenic.  If she develops into a more consitent artist I can probably rank her higher the next time around.

Written by Greg


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