Selective Hearing Radio Ep. 100

Radio Mic

The following broadcast contains material that is my own opinion. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff or JPH!P Radio.

Due to a technical glitch there is now actual download for this episode. For some reason the recording was corrupted so if you didn’t listen live you can see the small overview below.

Topics included: Syncing AKB videos with sex songs, lamenting the lack of ranting topics, making the Guess The Sample Game harder, recapping the highs and lows of the program, and surviving the show while watching videos in a Google + hangout.

When I was trying to edit the file for download it corrupted and only the first hour made it on to my hard drive and a lot of it was pretty choppy. As much as I tried to recover the lost audio I couldn’t really make anything that was worth listening to. Perhaps the radio gods were telling me what the two AKB members below are symbolizing.


Apologies for that little glitch but hey, shit happens. But check out the track listing and recap of the show. I did start a contest on this episode so if you’re inclined to participate you can read the details below in the Guess The Sample corner of the program.

All will be back to normal next week.

Intro – m-flo – Get On! / Buono! – Early Bird

AV Special Flashback

Foxy Brown feat. Blackstreet – Get Me Home
Ying Yang Twins – Wait (The Whisper Song)
Notorious BIG feat. R. Kelly – Fucking You Tonight
Jill Scott – Whatever

Retro Goodness

After School – Love Love Love
Adeele – Rolling In The Deep
Lloyd feat. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne – Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)
Cee-Lo Green -Fuck You

30 Minutes In The Mix

Amber – Sexual (Li Da Di)
Becky Baeling – Getaway (Mike Rizzo Mix)
Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up (Bini & Martini Classic Mix)
Dirty Old Ann – Turn Me On (Freemasons Remix)
Christina Aguilera – Dirrty (Mauve Main Remix)

Japanese Lessson: Most Requested Words & Phrases

Guess The Sample – Give Away #1

3 Jay-Z songs and many samples. Name all the samples in these songs and you win a Scandal T-shirt from their AM2 appearance (size medium).

Scandal T-Shirt

Send your answers here along with your name here and a random person with all the correct answers will be drawn. (assuming that anyone actual enters) If you don’t even listen to show you are also eligible to enter. Just because.

Jay-Z – Streets Is Watching
Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)
Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind

Quiet Storm Hip-Hop Edition

Epik High – Map The Soul (Worldwide Version)
Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder – Rocketeer
DJ Deckstream feat. Substantial – Precious Love
G-Unit feat. Joe – Wanna Get To Know You

Wrap Up

Selective Hearing On Tour

Hangry & Angry – Kill Me Kiss Me
Morning Musume – Songs
Hikaru Utada – Come Back To Me (Tony Moran Radio Edit)
Berryz Koubou – Special Generation
Scandal – Scandal Baby

Ending – Hangry & Angry – Mr. Monkey

Written by Greg


Greg is the creator, administrator, editor, code monkey, overlord and general jack of all trades at Selective Hearing. He can be found lurking among the overseas Asian pop fandom and at most major conventions and events where a J-Pop/K-Pop act (or Gashicon) appears.