Selective Hearing Radio Ep. 134

Radio Mic

The following broadcast contains material that is my own opinion. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff or JPH!P Radio.

Topics include: Working idols like rented mules,  pondering Mitsui Aika’s continued existence in Momusu, JPH!P world tour planning, tonsil infections, convention memories, commentary on the news of the week and information on upcoming releases.

Remember that if you don’t like what you hear, I have two words for you…


Intro – m-flo – Get On! / Buono! – Early Bird

Album Spotlight: ISSA x SoulJa – ISM


Talk Segment 1: Working Idols Like Rented Mules – Matsui Jurina hospitalized for fatigue

Set 2

Do As Infinity – Pride
Monkey Majik – Hero
YU-A – You

Talk Segment 2: Convention Memories Part 1/ News

30 Minutes In The Mix

Richard Earnshaw – People Are People
Lucky Charm feat. Chance – Better Way (Joe T. Vannelli House Of Soul Piano Mix)
Nathan Haines feat. Lyric L – Doot Dude (Ashley Beedle Buff Boy Vocal Remix)
Polyphonics feat. Sanne – Changing Times (Polyphonics Main Mix)
Kenny Bobien – Love Won’t Give Up (Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix)

Download Mix Only

Talk Segment 3: Convention Memories Part 2

Guess The Sample

Talk Segment 4: Upcoming Releases

Black Eyes Peas – Like That
ANSWER: A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It

Set 5

Berry Koubou – Tanjun Sugi na no Watashi…
DiVA – Lost The Way
SHINee – Juliette (Japanese Version)

Wrap Up

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Set 6

B.D. = Redrum feat. Ryuzo, IBM
DJ PMX – The Phoenix (Will Rise)
Untouchable – MC feat. Loptimist & DJ Wegun

Ending – Hangry & Angry – Mr. Monkey

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April 7 Cue File

Written by Greg


Greg is the creator, administrator, editor, code monkey, overlord and general jack of all trades at Selective Hearing. He can be found lurking among the overseas Asian pop fandom and at most major conventions and events where a J-Pop/K-Pop act (or Gashicon) appears.