John Cena def. Baron Corbin

Summerslam 2017 - Corbin Cena


Was it weird seeing John Cena in the curtain jerker?

Allen: Yeah but I’m sure he’s done it before, it’s just been a long ass time.

Greg: Yup. But he’s now a part-timer so I guess he doesn’t necessarily need to be high up in the card. As long as the crowd gets to chant “John Cena Sucks!” they get to go home happy.

TOZ: Nah.

Do you feel bad for Corbin blowing his MITB cash in & then losing in his match against Cena? Bye bye mega push?

Allen: Yup, you in the doghouse Corbin. Wrong place, wrong time against the almighty Cena. They even downgraded your theme music, you had such an awesome theme before…

Greg: Corbin looked like the mega heel of the future. Despite these setbacks hopefully he’s put back on track to become that again.

TOZ: Not really. I was never quite feeling Corbin as a character so him blowing the MITB cash in didn’t really do much for me.

Natalya def. Naomi

Summerslam 2017 - Natalya Naomi


For a main roster match this was pretty good right? Not as hype as Asuka/Ember Moon from NXT but pretty good right?

Allen: It was great. Natalya is such a great wrestler and Naomi is very athletic. They put together some pretty good matches.

Greg: This was better than I had expected. It was nowhere near on the level of the women’s championship match from Takeover, but for a main roster match it was a surprise to see them given time to tell a story and execute a proper match.

TOZ: Really good. I do wish it was a bit longer.

Nattie gets the women’s blue belt. About time or is she keeping it warm for Carmella?

Greg: I dunno if Carmella cashing in against another heel would work in her favor. Odds are Nattie gets a decent run before losing the belt to whichever face is hot on the SD Live roster.

TOZ: About time.

Cass def. Big Show

Summerslam 2017 - Cass Show


Boring big man match. Did you ignore it for the most part? Did you go to take a power dump instead?

Allen: It was alright. There was a lot more psychology than a usual big man match with Big Show selling his jacked up hand. I was hoping they wouldn’t have a gimmick match and have a Show/Stroman type match.

Greg: Why this match was on the main card instead of the pre-show made no sense to me. It was pretty much a check my messages and take a shit match.

TOZ: Ignored it.

The only good thing about this was Enzo talking trash from the cage. Did you even care about that?

Allen: I’ve decided to ignore Enzo, much like Corey Graves and Booker T have as well.

Greg: Enzo talking trash from the shark cage had its moments but it wore thin.

TOZ: Nope.

Enzo escapes from the cage & gets booted in the face. Did you LOL?

Allen: I actually liked the idea of him slipping out the cage with baby oil. But yes, him eating the big boot was funnier than it was supposed to be…

Greg: Absolutely. It’s the only highlight of the match.

TOZ: That was fun

Randy Orton def. Rusev.

Summerslam 2017 - Orton Rusev


Uh… this was a thing? Poor Ruru.

Allen: Yes poor RuRu, he so good. Sucks that he seems to be in the doghouse for no reason.

Greg: Not sure what the point of this was unless there is something else being built upon this squash.

TOZ: Poor Ruru. Although I think the show could’ve used quicker matches (I know I just said Naomi and Nattie should’ve been longer but other matches should’ve been shorter, too).

Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss

Summerslam 2017 - Banks Bliss 01


What was with Sasha’s entrance gear?

Allen: I believe the term is gaudy… like a golden metal peacock, a gaudy one.

Greg: Channeling some of that Flair it seems.

TOZ: I saw some talk on tumblr hating it cause it was appropriating Asian culture. Not sure I would go that far, but I didn’t mind it.

Summerslam 2017 - Banks Bliss 02


Bliss looked so good yes?

Allen: DUH!

Greg: Bliss always looks good. But yes, yum.

TOZ: Flame emoji.

This was an unusually physical match given who was in the ring. Do you think Bliss is getting better in the ring or did Banks help carry her to a decent outing?

Allen: I think Bliss is definitely getting better and it’s brought up a little bit more with Sasha being opposite of her. I always thought they had good chemistry, much better than Bliss and Bayley.

Greg: If there is real life animosity between these two women they sure did their best to take out their frustrations in the ring. I think Bliss is improving slowly. Sasha might have been the quarterback for the majority of this match.

TOZ: Little of both.

Did the right woman win?

Allen: Another boring Sasha Banks face run with the title? Nope.

Greg: No with a heavy bias.

TOZ: Yes, if Sasha goes bad. Or we get fun and let Bayley go bad with the jealousy angle.

Did you prefer this or the SD Live women’s championship match?

Allen: I prefered the SD match, it felt more physical to me. I always felt Sasha’s matches always were a bit more flashy and it wasn’t wowing me like her matches in the past.

Greg; I liked the SD Live women’s championship match for the fact that Natalya won. (Go Canada!) Otherwise, the Bliss/Banks match looked more like it had some real hatred that contributed to a much better looking match. Too bad about the ending though.

TOZ: I prefered the Raw match.

Finn Balor def. Bray Wyatt

Summerslam 2017 - Wyatt Balor 01


Demon Balor returns. Were you hyped?

Allen: Demon Balor would look cooler with some Ultimate Warrior tassels instead of the Bob Marley wig.

Greg: Demon Balor is always cool. Just don’t have him come out every week like that.

TOZ: Kinda. It was a generic looking Demon. I like when he tailors it to the city he’s in.

Were you sad no raspberry sauce was used in this match?

Allen: YES! Don’t introduce it as a weakness for Balor and not use it again. Come on Bray.

Greg: LOL. That would have been a little over the top so no disappointment on my end.

TOZ: Not really.

Did this match live up to whatever supernatural hype was developed?

Allen: No not at all. It was a good match but we all saw that demon Balor was coming and getting the win. Bray goes into his second form again, the Eater of Pins.

Greg: Um… No. It was a solid match but I’m actually glad there was no weirdness taking away from the match itself.

TOZ: No.

Rollins & Ambrose def. Sheamus & Cesaro

Summerslam 2017 - Bar Shield


LOL at the Sheamus/Cesaro DBZ fusion pose?

Allen: I love when they do the pose. It’s… Super…

Greg: I’m waiting for the moment they actually fuse to find out what type of wrestler results from it.

TOZ: Enjoyed it.

Rollins’ red gear looked pretty sweet right?

Allen: Red and black is his Tekken Tag Tournament default outfit.

Greg: Rollins face gear looks pretty good. Better than his black or grey heel stuff. Although his heel white and gold gear were pretty sweet.

TOZ: Top 3 outfits, probably.

Beach ball appears, do you love beach ball? Beach ball is over.

Allen: That damn Indy darling, the beach ball. I’m glad Cesaro ended his career.

Greg: Beach ball was so over that Cesaro had to go into the crowd and murder beach ball. And then WWE banned beach ball from all future events.

TOZ: Beach balls have always been dumb.

The Shield win the gold in a very good match. Are you pleased? Should beach ball have gone over instead.

Allen: Yes it was a very good match that played into their storyline quite well. The only way I would like to see the beach ball is of Dean takes one out of his pocket, inflates it, and spikes it in Cesaro’s face.

Greg: I’m happy with The Shield going over. Rollins and Ambrose really haven’t been doing much solo so why not have them team up for a while? I would not mind if this feud goes on until the next PPV. After that find both teams something else to do.

TOZ: I do like The Shield winning. Would’ve been better if they came out and helped Reigns win later on, too.

AJ Styles def. Kevin Owens

Summerslam 2017 - Shane


Did you like Shane’s ref gear? Has a ref ever had their name on their uniform in WWE before?

Allen: No, it looked like a reject from Foot Locker.

Greg: I expect to see Shane’s ref gear on WWE Shop anytime now.

TOZ: Yeah. Why not?

Lots of involvement from Shane in this match. Were you satisfied with his impartial referee work?

Allen: Him being there reminded me how horrible of a ref Shane is…

Greg: Both men beating up on Shane made sense to me. He didn’t really have a huge impact on the match and it was left to the competitors in the ring to determine the outcome.

TOZ: It was fine.

Summerslam 2017 - Styles Owens


AJ breaks the streak of champs losing at Summerslam. Will he face Owens again based on the ending of this match?

Allen: Nah I don’t think Owens needs the title anymore. He can now have his match and rivalry with Shane. AJ needs a different opponent to make look good, Owens doesn’t need the rub.

Greg: With Owens not getting another shot at the US Title as long as AJ holds it after SD Live it appears that they are not going to have another match. Of course, Owens could probably weasel his way back into a title shot somehow.

TOZ: Yeah.

Jinder Mahal def. Shinsuke Nakamura

Summerslam 2017 - Mahal Nakamura


Nakamura had new ring jacket, Mahal had gold gear. Who won fashion wise?

Allen: New pimp jacket > palette swap costume.

Greg: Mahal son. Gold = WIN

TOZ: Push.

Jinder was not hindered by Nakamura. He wins once again thanks to interference. Were you upset?

Allen: I was probably more upset that the match ended up being nothing special.

Greg: Nope. I was laughing when Mahal won again. You can’t hinder the Jinder man. Also, it’s too soon for Nakamura to take gold. He needs a better opponent than Jinder to put on a showcase match to win gold.

TOZ: I’m with Allen. I’m more bothered that the match didn’t feel special. Especially since it was the first WWE championship match with two Asian wrestlers. Seeing them go to the Indian and Japanese commentary teams was great.

Will there be a rematch or will Jinder move on to another fresh challenger?

Allen: Yeah it seems like they will have a run with this rivalry for a while.

Greg: It looks like there will be a rematch.

TOZ: Rematch let’s go. Make this a good one.

Brock Lesnar def. Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman & Samoa Joe

This match started out as an enjoyable car wreck with Strowman destroying furniture everywhere? Did you think Braun had a realistic chance of winning?


Allen: Hell yeah! Braun was destroying everything and everyone. He should be strong all the time and I would totally understood if he ended up winning the match.

Greg: It sure looked like Braun was going to be the one to walk away champion. It would not have surprised me if he actually did win.

TOZ: They all did.

This is the first time in a long while that Brock Lesnar was made to look vulnerable. Did you expect that to be the case in this match?

Allen: Yes, you can’t have him up against 3 top tier talents at once and not have him be owning all of them 100%.

Greg: Yes. The only other time Brock has been made to look not unstoppable was with Goldberg. So to see him not really dominate again was refreshing.

TOZ: Nope, but I enjoyed it.

Summerslam 2017 - Brock


Brock comes out the victor after the insanity. Is he on a collision course with Strowman next?

Allen: I hope so especially since Jon Jones got popped for steroids. Brock will be sticking around WWE for a while longer and Braun is the match many want to see next.

Greg: Yup. Braun gets his shot next at whatever the RAW only PPV is in September.

TOZ: Give me more violence.


Did you prefer Takeover or Summerslam? Which show provided the most value?

Allen: TakeOver wins again because the match quality is on another level. You could have watched TakeOver twice during SummerSlam, three times including the Kickoff show. SummerSlam need to swap some matches around with the SD tag title match and it would have been pretty good. I will say this, the Fatal 4 Way match was the marquee match of the weekend and it did not disappoint.

Greg: Takeover was a better show overall. Each match on the card was high quality and kept my attention. Summerslam on the other hand felt kind of bloated and a few of the matches on the main card should have been relegated to the pre-show instead.

TOZ: Takeover was generally better, but I do think Summerslam had a higher high than Takeover.