Summerslam 2017

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman

This is not going to be your typical “big man” type of matchup as all the competitors in this match are quite mobile for their size. What are your expectations for this match given who is in it?

Allen: It should be a very fast paced match with all four of these guys. There had to be a lot of ass kicking too. All four of these guys will have to make this Summerslam a must watch after it’s over.

Greg: This match will start out fast but will probably grind to halt once everyone gets to take turns taking a nap on the outside of the ring. I expect some crazy sequences as the end of the match nears with someone either taking a big bump or Lesnar going into Super Saiyan Broly mode and just destroying everyone.

Does Brock end up winning or will we have a new champ to help free Brock to go fight Jon Jones sometime in the future?

Allen: The potential for a fight for Jon Jones is so far away but it’s going to happen. Time wise, Brock doesn’t have to drop the title now. Storyline wise, this will probably be the best time for WWE to get the title off of him. I hope Samoa Joe finds a way to secure the win. He and Roman could have a good feud for the rest of 2017.

Greg: Brock is probably not going to be leaving Summerslam as champion. As great as he is as champ the fact that the big red belt and its holder are not on TV all the time are a detriment to RAW programming overall. Go Joe.

Naomi vs. Natalya

What is your excite level for this match?

Allen: I’m excited because Carmella is going to cash in!

Greg: Excite level low. The winner of this match on paper is pretty obvious but WWE could pull a fast one on the fans and give Natalya the win so Naomi doesn’t look weak after Carmella cashes in.

Does it matter who wins since Carmella will probably cash in her briefcase after the match is over?

Allen: Naomi is going to win, she still has to look good but I think Natalya is going to beat her up good. That or we get cheap interference from Ellsworth.

Greg: See my comment to previous question.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Would you rather have had Nia Jax face Bliss or is it too soon for her to be champ?

Allen: Nia needs to make sure she doesn’t hurt her other coworkers before she gets a monster run with the belt.

Greg: Hurting co-workers never hurt Seth Rollins from getting a belt (I kid, I kid Rollins fans) so I don’t see how Jax would be any different. =P Anway, Banks gets another shot at the women’s belt and I’m not really as jacked about as in the past. Something just seems meh about the matchup.

Does Bliss retain or do we get another bland run of Banks as champ?

Allen: Bliss should retain. She still is a must see and Banks hasn’t gotten her swagger back since her and Charlotte fought. Plus, Bliss is still the best on Raw.

Greg: Bliss should absolutely retain as she is pretty much carrying the Raw Women’s division after Charlotte got moved to the blue brand. The only problem is there aren’t any real good face contenders to take her on once she’s done with Banks, assuming this isn’t going to be dragged on for another PPV cycle.

Jinder Mahal (with The Singh Brothers) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Will the Jinder finally be hindered?

Allen: Yes. Either end the experiment or have him be Nakamura’s antagonist for a few months.

Greg: Nope, Jinder will not be hindered. And I’m not saying that just because I’m Canadian.

Is it the right time to put the belt on Nakamura or should Jinder be given more time to develop as a main eventer before he drops the title?

Allen: Three PPV wins over Orton is long enough for Jinder. I think he needs to continue to be a top heel even without the title. Nakamura can have the title because his popularity is through the roof. People want a champ they want to see and it isn’t Jinder.

Greg: Let the reign of Jinder continue. There’s no need to rush Nakamura into the top slot yet. Especially now that Corbin blew his cash-in on Smackdown Live (which would have been the next logical feud for Nakamura following a title win)

Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (with Titus O’Neil)

Tozawa won the Barney belt on Smackdown Live. Summerslam will be his first title defense. Will he be a short lived champion or will he go on a long run after dispatching with Neville?

Allen: Tozawa and Titus Brand has some momentum. Have a disgruntled King Neville beating Tozawa over and over with Tozawa eeking out a win is what I see happening for the future.

Greg: I expect a good match where the crowd will sit on their hands for most of match because the lack of CWC type action. Hopefully Tozawa retains and gets to build momentum instead of a hot potato switch because Neville is a better character on TV.

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens (Shane McMahon will serve as special guest referee)

Will Shane have any impact on this match? If so do you think he will screw over Styles or help him retain over KO?

Allen: Of course he will have an impact, he’s been getting hurt every time he’s on the screen. Styles is going to win.

Greg: He’ll get involved for sure. Just not sure how. Perhaps a ref bump?

Do you want a Styles/McMahon program again if it is the former scenario working out?

Allen: No, it won’t be face vs face again. Plus KO is too good to not have him in a program with Shane. Add Shane to the long list of enemies KO has. It will be very good to hear KO destroy Shane on the mic and in the ring.

Greg: Nah. That only works if AJ is a heel. Shane is super face so yeah, not gonna be face/face. Shane vs. KO sounds interesting if AJ moves on to someone else after Summerslam is over.

Randy Orton vs. Rusev

Is this your bathroom break match given that the buildup for this has been pretty lame at best?

Allen: Would be a good time.

Greg: Yup, even though both men are talented in their own right this match has zero hype for me. I’ll enjoy taking my power dump.

Does it really matter who wins?

Allen: Yes! RuRu should win!

Greg: Ruru needs the win but I sense RKO to send the fans home happy.

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and/or Xavier Woods) vs. The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso)

The New Day have been shown to be more aggressive when facing the Usos and their past matches have been great. Do you expect more goodness from these teams?

Allen: Yes keep them fighting each other. They’ve always had great matches going back to when the Usos were faces.

Greg: At this point in their feud these men have shown they have very good chemistry and I expect nothing different come Summerslam.

Should the champs retain or will the belts be passed around like a $5 blunt like they usually are.

Allen: Let the Usos win. New Day chasing for the tag titles looks a lot better.

Greg: I am conflicted. One one hand you can have the New Day chase after the Usos win by some underhanded means. On the other hand, stability in regards to the title holders helps make the switching of the titles feel more special. I’ll have to agree with Allen for this one. Give the belt back to the Usos.

Regardless of the outcome should they go one more round after Summerslam given that there aren’t any other decent tag teams getting some love (other than Breezango) in the SD Live roster?

Allen: Yup keep them fighting but please include Breezango. Shake things up by putting other teams in the chase, even if it’s for comedy.

Greg: If the Usos win Breezango should be given a chance to make a run at the belts. New Day can help boost the division by feuding with another team that isn’t really doing a lot now but could be players in the future.

Big Show vs. Big Cass (Enzo Amore will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage)

No for real, this is your bathroom break match right?

Allen: This will be my “Going on a food run” break…

Greg: Second power dump time.

Why is the shark cage even a thing here when Enzo has been knocked on his ass every time for trying to help out?

: Because we all hate Enzo now. Plus the ring toys need some love, gotta push more shark cage accessory sales.

Greg: The shark cage is a stupid gimmick in this age of professional wrestling. I don’t really get why this is even a thing anymore.

Finn Bálor vs. Bray Wyatt

Will we see Demon Balor or regular Balor come out for this match?

Allen: Now that Bray dumped raspberry sauce all over him on raw, the Demon will make an appearance. The Demon likes raspberry sauce.

Greg: Yeah. On the go home RAW it was pretty much a given that Demon Balor will be at Summerslam. I hope he has a cool paint job for this event.

Do you expect some weird shit from Wyatt like at Wrestlemania or should those shenanigans better be kept away from the match?

Allen: I like that they have teleportation powers now. It will be cool if Bray can shower the both of them in raspberry sauce.

Greg: No stupid videos that only people at home or in the cheap seats can see please. And no teleportation either. Just please have a match.

Who do you think should win compared to who needs the win the most?

Allen: Technically Bray needs the win more. The Demon Balor is supposed to be unbeatable so the win will go to him.

Greg: I dunno. It’s not like Bray losing hasn’t happened before on a PPV. I say Balor takes this.

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin getting a win over Cena would certainly help build his rep after his MITB cash in. Do you think that will happen?

Allen: Well now that he doesn’t have the briefcase, this may be a throwaway match. He must have pissed off someone so he’s probably in the doghouse. That being said, I know Cena has a losing streak at SummerSlam and that might continue if they still want to have Corbin regain some steam after the failed cash-in.

Greg: Cena doesn’t really need to win anything at this point in his career. Corbin is the future and therefore he’ll take this match to make up for his loss of momentum after the failed cash-in on Smackdown Line.