Wonder Girls - The DJ Is Mine

Track Listing

  1. The DJ Is Mine
  2. The DJ Is Mine feat. School Gyrls
  3. The DJ Is Mine (Instrumental)


The DJ Is Mine

The Wonder Girls return to America with their next English language single The DJ Is Mine. Dropping their signature retro pop sound they have turned to current club crazes of Electro Pop and Dubstep to freshen up their sound. This song is part of the group’s upcoming movie on Nickelodeon’s teen oriented channel and was heavily promoted at 2012’s CES convention in Las Vegas gaining positive response from those in attendance.

The DJ Is Mine

JYP pulling a Puff Daddy/P.Diddy and being all up in the video.

Well this is certainly a surprise. Who else was expecting for this group to go with the tired retro concept one more time? Who was expecting a cameo from comedian Bobby Lee? Well if you thought that way you probably haven’t been paying attention to this group lately.

The DJ Is MineThe DJ Is Mine

The DJ Is Mine could easily fit into the Wonder Girls’ recent Korean effort Wonder World without sounding out of place. With the goal of American domination I think this is probably much better than their attempts with Nobody and 2 Different Tears. At least this sounds like what is currently hot on U.S. airwaves. The question is whether this finally break the group into the coveted Top 40 or if it will languish on the dance and K-Pop Hot 100?

The DJ Is MineThe DJ Is Mine

I firmly believe this has a credible shot at mainstream success. Unlike Girls’ Generation who tried to get fancy by calling in a hot shot producer from the 90’s, the Wonder Girls have called upon someone more relevant in Cri$style who worked on Rihanna’s hit Only Girl In The World.  The song is simple, catchy and gets in your head right away. With that said it still sounds a hell of a lot like modern K-Pop so if you’re starting to find it all played out this may not be for you.

The DJ Is Mine

Okay this is a creepy look. I bet he’s thinking, “If I get you in the sack I’m gonna destroy you.”

Of course JYP isn’t trying to preach to the converted, they want those who have no idea who this group is along with the oh so impressionable tween market and with The DJ Is Mine there’s a good chance they’ll gain a lot of new fans. Should there be any remix versions of this coming out I sure as hell hope they don’t try to get some “phoned in” verses from a famous rapper to up sales.

The DJ Is MineThe DJ Is Mine

There are two versions of this song for people to digest. The first is just the Wonder Girls doing their thing and the second features the girl group School Gyrls. Honestly I think that maybe adding a “z” instead of an “s” would have added some cheesy street cred but what do I know?

The DJ Is MineThe DJ Is Mine

Anyway, School Gyrls are the rival group in the upcoming Wonder Girls movie so it’s no surprise that they’re featured heavily on the single but also the video. They’re not bad but there really isn’t much of them to be heard other than the token verse they get so it’s hard to judge if they’re worth investing any additional time in.

The DJ Is Mine

Even though the whole Nickelodean deal may see like a step back the result is a song that doesn’t milk their standard formula. I’m hoping that this does well as the Wonder Girls do deserve something for all the effort they’re putting into breaking America. Cautious optimism is probably the best way to go with this.

But don’t let that stop you from picking this up, it is a great song.

Written by Greg


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  • http://tsukiki.wordpress.com/ Tsukiki

    School Gyrls have no affiliation with JYP.  They’re a Teen Nick group.

    • http://selective-hearing.com Greg

      Thanks for clearing that up. School Gyrls seemed like a lame kind of idea for a JYP group. Glad to see they’re not scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed.  The “y” REALLY bugged me.