℃-ute Will Perform Their Final Overseas Concerts in Mexico and Paris, Passing the Torch to Juice=Juice: First World Tour Announcement


Hello! Project’s super idol group ℃-ute will have their final overseas performances this week on April 13th in Mexico City, Mexico and April 16th in Paris, France.

℃-ute, who announced their disbandment last year, will have their last performance at Saitama Super Arena on June 12th 2017. Throughout their 12 year career they have performed extensively not only in Japan, but multiple times overseas in Mexico, France, and Taipei, mesmerizing audiences of all ages worldwide.

Now, ℃-ute will pass on their legacy to their kouhai (junior) group, Juice=Juice, who announced that they will be embarking on their first worldwide tour in September.

Juice=Juice, a rising idol group, is a five-member Japanese group who has previously performed overseas in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2015. After receiving numerous requests and offers from fans and industry persons worldwide, Juice=Juice will perform for the first time in seven different countries. More details and dates will be announced at a later date.


Mexico – September 8, 2017
United States

ABOUT ℃-ute

Formed in 2005, ℃-ute is a five-member Japanese idol group from Hello! Project. The group name ℃-ute comes from the combination of the word cute and ℃, to represent the passion and fiery body temperature of the members.


Maimi Yajima (25)
Saki Nakajima (23)
Airi Suzuki (23)
Chisato Okai (22)
Mai Hagiwara (21)

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ABOUT Juice=Juice

Juice=Juice Artist Photo - Credit - ©UP-FRONT PROMOTION Co., Ltd.

Formed in 2013, Juice=Juice is a five-member Japanese idol group from Hello! Project. Their group name Juice=Juice comes from various notions such as: just-harvested, fresh-picked, spontaneity, natural, freshly squeezed, etc. Then, with the individuality of each member, you obtain Juice=Juice. Following the meaning of this name, each member’s image represents a fruit. With 4years of activities, Juice=Juice’s career already a success and they are ready to conquer the world with their fresh and fruity sound!


Yuka Miyazaki (23)
Tomoko Kanazawa (21)
Sayuri Takagi (19)
Karin Miyamoto (18)
Akari Uemura (18)

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