WIP Climax Match 3

Baton Katomina (Kato Minami), Komanechi Yumoto (Yumoto Ami), Bird Takayanagi (Takayanagi Akane) vs. Miracle Shizuka (Oya Shizuka), Guigui Nakanishi (Nakanishi Chiyori), Octopous Suda (Suda Akari)

The third match of the card had the potential to be something special given the athletic abilities of some of the participants. In the drama Kato Minami and Yumoto Ami showed glimpses of what they could do in the ring but their characters were considered minor players overall so they got very little screen time when it came to the action scenes. With a spotlight firmly on them for this content there was the chance for them to show more of what they learned in training.


Suda Akari’s character also got an upgrade becoming the leader of another faction (Dasu Vaders) in WIP with the addition of Oya Shizuka and Nakanishi Chiyori. She also cut a promo which got the crowd in her teams corner before they blindsided their opponents. This started the contest off fast with several brawls outside the ring. The early exchange between Suda and Yumoto was very good showing some of their natural ability off. Once the members got some of their stuff in early the match slowed down in the heels favor where they used plenty of tried and true dirty heel tactics to gain the advantage.

Highlights from this match are plentiful. First is Nakanishi Chiyori. On Twitter she showed her practice session where she tied up her opponent like a pretzel. And that exact move was used in this match in combination with Kenny Omega’s Rise of the Terminator and a drop kick to Takayanagi’s ass. Later on she busts out a rolling cradle and gets herself dizzy in the process.

Now one would not expect to see “cruiserweight” or “flippy shit” type of action when it comes to idols attempting to put on their best pro wrestling match. But somehow that happened. Yumoto in particular was the centerpiece in much of this type of wrestling executing a Drive By from the crowd, a dive through the ropes, a spring board stunner (botched by Chiyori) and a top rope moonsault.

Lastly we have Suda Akari who used a majority of her character’s signature move set and adding the Exorcist Spider Walk that Bray Wyatt uses as a taunt. Like her or not, you have to admire her flexibility. She is very bendy. The ending of this match had Takayanagi eating an RKO and once again announcing her retirement from WIP to add some continuity from the drama.

This match was the closest to the actual cluster fuck that are multi-person Japanese tag team matches and despite a few noticeable errors is probably the one match that will stand up well to repeated viewings.