10 Fresher Legs

The early morning news out of Hello! Project was that the final cuts were made for the S/Mileage audition and 5 were left standing.

Smileage 2nd Generation Katsuta Rina

Katsuta Rina (13)

Smileage 2nd Generation Kosuga Fuyuka

Kosuga Fuyuka (13)

Smileage 2nd Generation Nakanishi Kana

Nakanishi Kana (14)

Smileage 2nd Generation Takeuchi Akari

Takeuchi Akari (13)

Smileage 2nd Generation Tamura Meimi

Tamura Meimi (12)

Smileage 2nd Gen and  Tsunku

True to his word Tsunku pulled in more than 1 new member into the S/Mileage fold. He said that in an interview regarding this audition so I don’t exactly understand why some people are all upset. Well I can, since the dude kind of says one thing & then does the opposite. But when I read that interview I figured he’d try to max out the number of girls who would make the final cut.

Having not followed the auditions as closely as others I really have nothing of value to add in regards to commentary about who made it in. Honestly I have no idea who any of these girls are. I’m sure there are many who have been watching and are disappointed that certain girls didn’t make it and are already forming their own conspiracy theories and manifestos about why. I can imagine there are quite a few upset Karin fans out there doing that right now.

Smileage 2nd Generation

With that said I will try to give these noobs a shot. The whole concept of “sub members” puzzled me at first. These girls go through a grueling audition process only to be strung along even more by not being made permanent members of the group? From a business point of view I can see how this works. Weed out the weaker finalists before making final changes to the main roster.

Some of you may think that’s cold but that’s how the world works. Survival of the fittest. These 5 girls now have to prove they belong by participating in the next single and Fall tour. I will respect whoever survives since they actually will have earned their spot instead of having it handed to them.

From a fan point of this is kind of like being a few fries short of a Happy Meal. You feel ripped off. Especially if you’ve invested your interest in any of the finalists. Who knows if your favorite will actually part of the group when this whole sub group thing ends?

I was kind of upset over this twist but now that I’ve had some sleep over it I think it’s a fucking brilliant idea. I hope this happens for the 10th generation Morning Musume auditions so there’s finally some consistency in the audition process besides “She will do.”

Speaking of that, what happens to all the S/Mileage audition rejects? Do they have to re-apply for 10th generation Morning Musume? I think they should all get a free pass since they already went through the process. Call them back if they’re good enough to be considered part of the flagship group.

Many know my opinion is that this audition should never have taken place and the group was fine just the way it was. But I am in the minority. What’s done is done and now we have a temporary 9 member S/Mileage group.

The future of what some consider to be H!P’s next flagship group is kind of in limbo because of this. It can go either way. Let’s hope it’s in a positive direction.

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