10 Years of Selective Hearing – Steve’s Journey


In being a writer for the last 15 years or so, its been a long road of ups and downs as far as how to write, where to write, and even, at times, whether to write publicly at all. My non-academic writing for various sites and publications has generally always been centered around entertainment in some form or another, and along with many changes in the internet over the years, the format and medium in which to write has also changed pretty drastically.

I got into writing about Japanese entertainment specifically about 12 years ago, with the road starting at various online forums, which remained for a while until I became fairly disinterested in idols (and writing about them) for a number of years in the late 2000s.

In the late 2000s to early 2010s, the idol blogging trend started to take off, and it was something that never caught on with me, since most of the blogs I came across that wrote somewhat longer format articles never caught my attention. None of them offered interesting opinions or were able to organize thoughts well enough to have a cohesive, longer post on a regular basis, so I mostly ignored the trend and just stuck with various Facebook chat groups on the subjects and a little bit of Twitter.

In late 2012, I came across Selective Hearing, and as soon as I discovered it, right from the beginning, it felt like a very rare place that was comfortable for me within the idol blogging community and expressed the kind of outspoken and honest opinions I had been craving for a while, with a good level of writing talent on the side.

The way Greg and the others expressed their ideas about the fandom and all the things within it was the most honest and critical that I had seen so far, which was something I had been looking for since the idol blogging trend started.

After seeing that there was a place to express these ideas in the way I wanted and which felt free, and could very possibly to start the dialogues I wanted to start about these subjects with an already-established audience, I got the itch to start writing again, after having mostly given up on writing longer-form for a number of years.

In early 2013, with the idol industry in the middle of a great boom of unique content and quality levels I hadn’t seen in many years, I reached out to Greg to see if I could contribute and cure that itch to write again, and everything came to be.

Writing here has taken me on many journeys, both mentally and physically. It has helped me connect with many people around the world who have similar ideas and thoughts, and many who had quite the opposite, but were at least willing to discuss it with me in a fairly civil way.

Being able to write in this way has also honed and expanded my writing skills much more than they ever were in formal studies or previous writing experiences, and at times, reached a much bigger audience than I’ve ever had before.

Writing for Selective Hearing has also taken me across the USA and back multiple times to cover various events for the site. This has pushed my physical limits of doing professional work with tight time schedules on almost no sleep, dealing with days of travel logistics to get to an event for just one or two days of coverage, and helping me sharpen my photography and videography skills along the way.


These trips have also given me the opportunities to meet, have conversations with, and even perform music with some of my favorite performers and creators from the Japanese entertainment industry, which is something that has changed my life in ways I can’t even fully describe.

This has also provided me the opportunity to work with many gracious event organizers from across the world, forming friendships and business partnerships along the way, which have been another set of extremely positive experiences for me.

Just in these 3 short years that I’ve been a part of the site, its been a ride that I wouldn’t change for the world, and I hope to keep riding this train as long as Greg and the others still have the heart to keep it going.

Here’s to many more years of adventures and growth for all of us writing here, and for the site itself.

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Steve is a contributor and resident music nerd for Selective Hearing, specializing in Japanese idol industry commentary and coverage. A lifetime musician, film lover, journalist, video game fanatic, philosophy enthusiast, and idol aficionado. A dweller of the idol scene since the late 1990s, he loves to discuss industry trends and ideas, past or present.