2-Shot Bonanza II: Tables, Idols and Chairs

TSA Checkpoint

On May 30, 2015 I will once again partake in taking pictures with Japanese pop idols. This will mark my 5th trip to Japan and like last year I will be within at least arms length of various members of AKB48 and their sister groups. Thanks to a crazed lunatic with a saw, how this event will be conducted will be different from ones I have attended in the past. I expect to see how the tougher security measures speed up or slow down the line ups when I get there. Will it be like going through the horror that is U.S. airport security? Or will it be something more reasonable?

The other major change is the 2-shots themselves. Instead of sitting or standing next to ones favourite idol(s) to do goofy poses, there is now a piece of furniture used as a buffer zone to keep the crazies away. Whether that stifles ones creativity for poses is debatable. I believe it could limit what one can do and to be honest, I have no clue what I can think of that would incorporate the tables and chairs staying in a stationary position.

Macho Man Flying Elbow

I highly doubt staff would allow table flipping or a simulation of an idol trying to hit me with a chair. Nor would there be any chances of idols jumping off the table to hit me with a Macho Man Randy Savage-like elbow. So I will do my best to conjure something fun. And if I can’t? Well heart, cat, and peace poses are the default? Or perhaps defer to the expert idols to drive?

Either way, I’m grateful that this opportunity still exists after all the insanity from the attacks of last year and I’m not going to whine and bitch if a few pieces of furniture are in the way.

Now on to who I will be doing a mock IKEA ad with. There is one giant omission from this list and that’s because I’m going for ‘cheevos over oshi duties. And since I’m going back in winter there is a 50/50 possibility I can get one last HS with her around that time. A stupid gamble since it is an unknown as to what will happen between now and graduation time. But I’m hoping everything works out in my favor.

Feel free to disagree with my picks/method of madness. But don’t tell me I allocated them wrong if you didn’t contribute to paying for and/or gifted my 2-shot tickets.

2-Shot Bonanza II

09:00 – 10:30

松井珠理奈 (Matsui Jurina)
石田安奈 (Ishida Anna)
相笠萌 (Aigasa Moe)

10:30 – 12:00

山本彩 (Yamamoto Sayaka)
渡辺美優紀 (Watanabe Miyuki)

12:00 – 13:30

北原里英 (Kitahara Rie)

13:30 – 15:00

北川綾巴 (Kitagawa Ryoha)
渋谷凪咲 (Shibuya Nagisa)

15:00 – 16:30

高橋朱里 (Takahashi Juri)
横山由依 (Yokoyama Yui)

16:30 – 18:00

田島芽瑠 (Tashima Meru)
朝長美桜 (Togunaga Mio)

18:30 – 20:00

木下春奈 (Kinoshita Haruna)
上西恵 (Jonishi Kei)

Since I used my Tenso address I have no open tickets to use, so whatever is in my list is all I got for this year and I’m happy with who I got.

I will probably try to keep a live blog going this year. I know last year I failed at it, but I’ll do my best to keep a running commentary going during the trip. So keep it locked on the site if you’re interested in all the travel stuff.

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