2015 Year in Review: Greg Tries to Remember the Year That Was

2015 is near its end and with it comes another recap of the events and music that have gone by. Seeing how time is just a constant blur for me, it’s increasingly difficult to remember what went down. Thankfully, I mostly write everything down here, since most of the momentous things I do have to do with this site.


The biggest event for me was yet another trip to Japan. It marked my 5th voyage to the land of the rising sun and idols. That might seem to be excessive to some of you, but given my personal interests it is the perfect vacation spot for me.

The reason I went back was to take pictures with the various idols of AKB48 and their sister groups. It was my first experience at an AKB event since the attacks that had upped their security measures.

Contrary to popular belief or unfounded rumours, going through the security check in is not some sort of violation of personal space and belongings. So don’t believe the hype from people who have probably never been to an AKB event in their lives and take my word for it. It’s a fairly easy procedure and you’ll get through it quickly as long as you pay attention to what is being asked of you and don’t make a fuss.

Japan 2015 Sousenkyo Museum

Outside of the whole 2-shot thing I also took some time to do some touristy type things as well. Given that I only had a week in Japan I didn’t make my way outside of Tokyo very often and I did my best to get some things checked off my bucket list such as finally getting to see the AKB48 Sousenkyo Museum. Something I missed out from last year’s trip. Oh and I did some non-idol related things as well.

Calgary Expo Logo

Before I went to Japan I did make a quick stop at a local event here in Calgary. I covered the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (a.k.a. Calgary Expo) for our partner site Nihongogo. I was pretty much on cosplay photo duty and it was my first real assignment for the site. Given that I am the photography rookie on Nihongogo I did my best to provide them with some decent pictures. You know, keeping them in focus and not having my fingers in front of the lense.

I also stumbled into getting an interview with two WWE Hall of Famers on the last day of the event. The actual interview reads like it went sideways real fast, but it ended up being very fun. I mean who doesn’t want to learn what vegetables make you fart right? Given that I had about zero material prepared for it, I’m surprised that it went as well as it did.

Selective Hearing in 2015

This year was a fairly good year for the site. There were no major issues in regards to server crashes or site access and that made my life a hell of a lot easier in regards to the day-to-day administrative duties. If nothing blows up, then it gives me more time to dedicate to getting our content in order.

Speaking of that, long-time readers may have noticed that we have been slowly been obtaining interviews with artists within the world of Japanese music. That alone, is probably the greatest accomplishment in 2015 in my mind.

It’s taken 9 years to build a modicum of a reputation/respectability so the fact that these rare opportunities are coming our way is some validation that all the effort in setting a direction for the site is not a waste of time. We’re still at the baby steps phase of course, so I’m not going to embellish things. It is what it is and I’m just thankful for it all.

As always, I would like to thank the current contributors to the site for all your hard work over the year whether you did a lot or just a little bit. We are all busy people and whatever you were able to add to the site is appreciated. Keep up the good work.

2015 Recap: Favorite Music (Singles/Album Cuts)

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