2015 Year in Review: Greg Tries to Remember the Year That Was

Wrap Up

And that is all I have to say about 2015. I would like to lastly thank you, the reader of this site for taking time out of your life to check out whatever we have that suits your interests. Whether you have been along for the ride since the start or stumbled upon us through a search engine or from another site, I’ll just say thank you for visiting, reading, perusing, quickly glancing, leaving in disgust. Whatever it is you do here, thank you.

Going into year 10 I hope that well…. One, that server costs don’t get too expensive for this place since the Canadian dollar is kinda of craptacular and isn’t expected to be anything but for the next little while. Of course that isn’t really going to stop this site from existing. I mean I kept it alive when I was unemployed for a short time back in the day, if that isn’t dedication to an idea I don’t know what is.

Second (and I say this just about every year to myself), I hope to continue to keep a semi-regular posting schedule not only for myself, but for the other contributors so that there’s a fresh batch of content coming your way on an almost daily basis. That’s still a work in progress, but it’s a major goal I hope that can be achieved eventually.

And I guess third I will continue to pray to the J-Pop/K-Pop gods and hope that our small bit of fortune that started late last year will continue and snowball into something bigger as the year progresses. Big dream I know. But go big or go home right?

I probably won’t have the opportunity to say this in any other post this year, so I would like send our best non-denominational holiday wishes for the calendar year of 2015. May you also have a safe and enjoyable new year celebration.

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