2015 Year in Review: The Airing of Grievances


It has been customary to follow the Festivus tradition of airing ones grievances during the holiday season. For those not familiar with this tradition it is basically the lashing out at the world about how you have been disappointed by the actions of others.

The problem for me is this year there is not much to complain about. As I stated in my year-end recap, it’s been a good year.

And whatever I did have to let out I actually unleashed through separate commentary articles that were posted earlier this month. For those who are too lazy to look them up I spoke of fan entitlement and the end of AKB48’s millon-seller streak.

And please don’t give me the whole TLDR bullshit. If you can sit through 20 page dissertations about why someone believes their favorite idols assigned color is the perfect fit for them, then you can certainly should be able to read what equates to a page and a half to 2 page commentary that tries to say something more practical and useful. Or is that still too long? Should I write stuff in just emojis and texting shorthand instead?

While it may appear that I’m a bit peeved at this, that’s not necessarily the case. I am well aware that that these kinds of articles are glossed over. Past history has indicated if commentaries don’t deal with certain topics in a certain manner no one cares to get past the first paragraph. It’s more the fact that I believe they’re not as long as what I’ve seen others write in the J-Pop universe be it on another site or on social media.

Now that I’m all warmed up let’s look back at the other grievances of 2015.

The other bit of disappointment happened back during the 2-shots in May. Burning the tickets for Matsui Jurina, Ishida Anna and Aigasa Moe sucked. Losing out on the J was particularly heart breaking and soul crushing to my wallet. The other two, not so much, but damn. Losing that J still hurts as much as when I burned my Oshima Yuko ticket during the KFC handshake event. So much infinite sadness.

In hindsight it was my own damn fault for getting shafted out of my opportunities because I did not arrive at the venue early enough to get my tickets stamped. The overconfidence and not accounting for the increasing number of foreign fans pretty much sealed my fate. Luckily I had managed to whip out some decent Japanese at the ticket booth to get my lot stamped before getting screwed out of my second round and the pair of Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki.

This is a mistake I do not plan on making again for the upcoming March 2-shots. I even intentionally took slot 1 out so I could possibly stand in line with all the foreigners and get caught up in the insanity again. And yes, I plan to show up early as well. In essence this grievance is against myself for being a dumb ass.

More disappointment followed in the trip when I went to Japan Post to mail my box of swag and goods for the peeps back home in Canada. I have never had any issues sending stuff back home by post until this year. But I had to get the guy who was picky about every item in the box and its exact weight and description in Japanese or English.

So what took about 10 – 15 minutes last year with no hassle, ended up becoming an hour and a half chore of inventory taking and weighing items to their exact decimal amounts.

The experience at the post office has taught me a few things I will use for next year’s trip should I need to mail stuff home. With that in mind I need to find a small digital scale to weigh stuff and I will probably have to create some sort of inventory sheet to print out for the postmaster with all the contents of the box listed in Japanese. Lessons learned the hard way.

Other than that it was business as usual in Japan and nothing else really to bitch about from that time. What about the rest of the year? Again, nothing of consequence that I can think of. I guess it really was a good year if I have nothing else to complain about.

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