Greg’s 2016 Year In Review: Remember da Year da Was

It is tradition that I go last in the year-end recap and this year mine is going to be kind of long. So let’s just get to it.

Selective Hearing in 2016

December is the last month in our 10th anniversary year and for us it was pretty good overall. We quietly celebrated our decade of existence amongst the staff with nothing major on the site besides the few editorials on our anniversary date. (It’s January 30 by the way)

Other than that there was nothing spectacular to commemorate this milestone. Which is okay, since I didn’t really have anything planned in the first place. Nope. Nothing. Sorry for those expecting a give away or something elaborate but the budget did not allow for such luxuries. Besides, history showed that there were not enough people who participated in those events to really make it worth my time and money.

As a start to my year-end recap I would like to thank the many contributors who have given their time and effort to this site over the past 10 years. Whether you wrote one article or many, you all have had some part in making this site what it is today.

To the current staff, a very, very big thank you for all you hard work. As always, all of you have my deepest appreciation for everything you do.

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