Server Rack

For me 2016 was another year of moving the site to a better server. This migration went a little more smoothly thanks to some online tools I found to help make the moving of files between servers quicker. I’m sure my ISP thanks me for not using a terabyte of bandwidth on my Internet account this time around. Yay for figuring out how to get past that roadblock.

The move allowed me to archive a lot of old posts and clean up our database. It also gave me time to reorganize some of the site structure and of course re-install our new theme to add some missing functionality. Yes this is probably nerdy back end shit most of you don’t care about but it is important to note since it did cause a little bit of downtime this year.

Besides keeping the lights on here, I also made the annual pilgrimage to Japan for more Tables, Idols and Chairs with AKB48, professional wrestling and to make attempts at taking in some cultural and touristy stuff.

The March trip was a little longer than my previous ones. I spent 3 weeks in the land of the rising sun with a rather large list of activities to do. Most that I managed to complete, others could not be done due to weather. But that leaves other things to check off for return trips I guess.

Because of such a long trip I had very little left in the travel budget (I came back to Canada with 1000 yen and very few coins) to go to any of the appearances of J-Pop acts like BABYMETAL, Perfume and Momoiro Clover Z in America. Oh well, hopefully 2017 brings some acts I can travel within North America to see that will not be appearing at an anime convention. I’m over going to those events. But if an act I really like ends up going to one I may change my mind and put up with the bullshit of cons once more.

The rest of 2016 was spent trying keep up with real life while trying to impart some sense of continuity on the site, getting more content up in a timely manner and all that. We’re slowly getting to where it’s kind of like that. Given the type of content we provide (meaning we don’t do the daily news since you can find that on a plethora of other sites) it’s not an easy process but we’ll reach that goal eventually.

And that’s about it for anything I have done event wise this year.