Video Games

Street Fighter V

This past year I did not play a lot of video games. Much of my gaming time was spent on Street Fighter V and learning how to play the game properly instead of jumping around like a fool. I still suck and am currently stuck in a vacuum of wavering between bronze and super bronze. Yet I am at least able to give a higher ranked player a competitive match every once in awhile. A small personal victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Final Fantasy XV

Once Final Fantasy XV was released I started playing that more often. This instalment of the series is much more enjoyable than Lightning Returns, which had a cool fighting system but was a horrible grind of a game otherwise. I like XV so much that I’m even making the attempts to complete the side quests and dungeons. I usually like to just bulldoze through the main chapters of the game so I’d consider it a minor miracle that I’m actually playing the game fully. So yeah, great stuff even though I’m not really that far into the game as of this writing.