For my favourite music I stuck with what I actually reviewed or added to my iTunes library. I found that more more realistic than trying to figure out what I listened to from a list of whatever was released over the year.

2016 was somewhat of a down year for J-Pop and K-Pop for me. So much that I went back to listening to English language Top 40 for a little while. Upon further investigation while looking back I found that I did not listen to a lot of full albums at all. Much of what I have collected from the past year are all singles.

With that said perhaps my year-end listings might have a little more variety than previous years. Or maybe not.

Singles/Album Cuts

Kobushi Factory – Sakura Night Fever

Chris Hart – Boku wa Koko de Ikiteiku

Keyakizaka46 – Kataru Nara Mirai wo…

AKB48 – Tsubasa wa Iranai

SCANDAL – Take Me Out

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

Ladies’ Code – Galaxy (The 3Dge Mix)

Ariana Grande – Into You

Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris – Hype

ShuuKaRen – Universe