2016 Year in Review: The Airing of Grievances

It is once again that time of the year to celebrate the annual Festivus tradition called the Airing of Grievances. For those unfamiliar with this practice it is when one lashes out at others and the world about how they have been disappointed in the past year.

If I am being perfectly honest there was not much that truly disappointed me in 2016. Much of what could be considered a “disappointment” was out of my control so there’s no need to really go on and complain about such things. However, there was one particular incident on the site that does warrant a wee bit of lashing out and it has to do with the reactions to our reviews of Utada’s comeback album Fantôme.


That particular album has become rather polarizing from what I have seen around the online world. You either believe that it the greatest thing since the discovery of fire and it is the savior of J-Pop from the monotony of idols. Or you don’t believe that at all and thought the album was lacking in certain areas. There doesn’t seem to be a grey area where people can meet in the middle. Fantôme by all accounts has become the John Cena of 2016 releases. You either love it or you don’t.

We here at Selective Hearing didn’t exactly have the best impression of Fantôme and thought it was okay at best. Unfortunately that brought out a few people who vehemently thought we had our heads up our asses. I am all for heated debate and discussion but when you start your argument with comments like “Are you deaf?” or something similar it’s a sign that you probably are looking for a fight rather than a discussion.

I expect that type of behavior from idol fans. Based on my own experience it seems to be hard wired in that fan culture to be the white knight when anyone dare challenges the greatness of whoever it is they like. I never expected such shameless bullshit from Utada fans and that is what is truly disappointing. I guess it’s a lesson to never underestimate those who go all-in on whatever particular fandom they are a part of.

The only other incident of disappointment I can think of this year wasn’t even something on this site. It was actually on our partner site Nihongogo. Someone had made a complaint about our 2016 Sousenkyo election podcast cross post and our improper use of an apostrophe for describing the plural form of DSL. Even to go as far as make a big stink about it on Twitter for no reason other than to get attention I guess? To me it’s kind of silly to make a complaint about such an old post and for such an odd reason. But okay, to each their own. Thanks for upping our stats with your site hit.

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