2016 Year In Review: TOZ Edition

Kobushi Factory Sakura Night Fever Cover

If you told me, “Hey TOZ, you’re gonna discover a new H!P group and actually care” earlier this year, I would’ve laughed. But here we are. This all happened in the last quarter of the year. Weird, especially considering Greg even reviewed their triple-A single back in February. So what got me? A friend told me he really dug the new Kobushi Factory video. He shared with me the The Kobushi Magnolia Flower video, and all of a sudden I was intrigued. 

It’s shot like a 90’s J-pop video (they are just running everywhere), and I hear bits of Speed in it. That’s a good start for me to check out a group. After connecting the dots, I realized Greg was on it and I should’ve taken his words more seriously. (Sorry, Boss Man!) 

Consider me a fan. Maybe I’ll even review their music in 2017. If Greg accepts my apology. If not, I’ll be over here having shaved ice.

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