2016 Year In Review: TOZ Edition

Luna – Free Somebody

You’re probably saying, “Yeah I could’ve seen this coming.” Luna, by far was my favorite K-pop act this year. I went into the review hopeful, came out ecstatic, and I remain enthralled. This remained in rotation ever since I started to review it. She may be the least popular in f(x), but she has just as high of a ceiling as any of her group members. Props to the SM Song Camp (which I assume is where a majority of this EP was produced) for providing me my favorite K-pop music this year, and probably for the near future.

Kisum – No Jam

2016 has been a year of surprises. Kisum was another one. The only real exposure I had of Unpretty Rapstar was through Twitter. It never occurred to me that something would come out of that I would be into. Here comes Kisum. I admit that 2 Beers is clearly the better one of the two, but No Jam is a jam. Plus the video is fun. Damn, maybe I should pay more attention. Or not. Surprises can be fun. 

Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely

Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s great. We said what we needed to, already.

Sunny Hill – On The Way Home

I like the song, but I really enjoyed the video. The four women reluctaly decide to go to their respective homes, but over the course of the video they realize that sometimes all you need is a reset. This really affected me in a way I didn’t think it would. 

Ladies Code – Galaxy

I feel really bad that I really started to pay attention to Ladies Code after the passing of EunB and Rise. They have jams. Galaxy continues that trend with this almost mysterious, almost out of this world quality (see what I did there?) to it. Sorry for not listening before, but I am now.

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