Staff Year in Review: Sherrily

What a year 2017 has been for my idol world…

Tons of change within Hello!Project, with most being on the bad side, made for quite a few low blows. For me, the hardest hitting one was of course Kudo Haruka’s, my oshimen’s, graduation from Morning Musume and Hello!Project. However, that’s far from being the “worst” one, in that there’s lots of positives for her future career. It’s just the one that affects me the most.

I’ve also written a lot of advice articles for Japan trips this year. Well, let me add one more big tip:

Make a portion of your savings specifically for oshimen grad uses. Whether it be a big one for multiple trips to Japan, or a small one for buying all the graduation goods. One thing is for sure, they squeeze the absolute hell out of your money when it comes to the last spurt! So get ready!

This year alone I’ve made 4 separate trips to Japan. And yeah, it’s wrung me dry, but it’s also made some of the best experiences of my life. I’ve made a ton of good friends, had a bunch of fun with wotas and idols alike, and made great memories with my oshi.

This will likely be the last year that I’m committed to the wota life at this level (watch Kudo make me eat my words next year), but I think I’ve reached a stage where I’m satisfied with what I got. I’ve made the best of my time and I’ve enjoyed everything as much as I possibly could.

From next year on, I plan to revert to a certain level of casualness, while keeping my eyes trained on Morning Musume’18 and the actress, Kudo Haruka.

As for my articles, I do want to keep them about personal experiences and advice articles instead of plain Jane reviews, so hopefully they’ll prove to be entertaining! Or at least informative!

So have a great New Year and let’s hope for a more positive 2018! Til next year!

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