2017 Year in Review: The Airing of Grievances

It’s the holiday season and you all know what that means. Yes, it is time for the annual Festivus tradition known as the Airing of Grievances. We get to complain about our dissatisfaction with the world and cleanse ourselves in an orgasm of griping. Let us get to what has disappointed us this year.

It was unanimous among the staff here that Hello! Project have pretty much issued many disappointments in successive fashion over the 2017 calendar year:

  • Killing off Country Girls to a degree with the graduation of Tsugunaga Momoka
  • The elimination of C-ute from existence with their graduation
  • Kobushi Factory wilting into oblivion within 6 months
  • Kudo Haruka graduating

Which move actually cuts deepest will depend on what you had the most emotional investment in. Old school H!P fans will probably be hit hardest by the end of C-ute’s time as a group. But they can at least take solace in the fact that they went out with an actual breakup instead of the bullshit “indefinite hiatus” that Berryz bowed out with.

Regardless of certain staff’s personal feelings on H!P it was very much a consensus decision that Hello! Project brought out the most reasons to be unsatisfied.

Following close behind Hello! Project are the now endless stream of 48 groups.

MNL48 (Manila 48) is now an actual thing. Turning a running joke that some here have predicted would be the downfall of the 48 empire into a reality. Getting a whole team of wannabe Filipina divas in the ultra competitive idol atmosphere is only asking for a series of violent cat fights, sex scandals and probably attempted murder among the members who survive the audition process to get that coveted center position.

When it comes to individual disappointments, a small group of staff have submitted their own personal grievances from the past year. Please be aware not all of us share the sentiments below (or even know what some are talking about) so the opinions below do not reflect those of the staff who did not submit a personal gripe about 2017.

Hannah: Please stop the Amero-Euro centrism in the fandom. It’s so annoying that I want to choke a bitch. Western fans can be annoying and full of it sometimes.

Kelly-Mae: What is up with HouPri? Who decided to push Saho Michishige back down to trainee status? I will cut whoever made that decision.

ToZ: #FREEWUTANG. That is all.

Greg: I personally don’t really have much to complain about these days and much of the strange fan politics, drama and overall weirdness in this world we are a part of I found inconsequential or not really worth getting worked up about anymore.

To be honest, I was more concerned about recovering from surgery and walking properly again more than anything else this year. So sorry, no real big gripes from me other than saying that hospital food is terrible.