2018 Year End Report: TakeoRey’s Movies, Games, Music

2018 has been another crazy year with many forms of media to enjoy. While there was a ton of content to consume, there were only a few that brought about memorable emotions and experiences that will always hold a special place in my heart. For my end of the year article, I will focus on movies, games, and music. Let’s get started.


Thanks to the service called MoviePass, I watched 40 movies with almost little regret. After all the changes and lack of times and places to use MoviePass, I decided to quit the service and I may round off the year with a few more movies I pay for on my own dime getting me closer to 50 flicks total in 2018. Here are the movies that left the strongest impression with me this year as well as my most disappointing views.

Black Panther

Black Panther

At a 97% rating, Black Panther started 2018 with a bang for Disney/Marvel. We got to see the MCU version of Wakanda come to the big screen and Chadwick Boseman bring T’Challa to a feature length lead role. The movie set a high bar for any comic book movie this year as it had great amazing fights, a killer soundtrack that defined Black Panther, but probably most importantly it empowered a community of people who wouldn’t normally watch a comic book movie to get them to the big screen and appeal to them. It’s impact is still felt as I still see people giving the Wakanda handshake.


Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet finally shows his face to wreak havoc in the MCU after almost a decade of Marvel movies. With an 84% rating, mostly positive reviews from people with more being shocked at the soul sucking ending that left crowds not feeling good after witnessing what they just saw. Avengers: Endgame is probably the most anticipated movie in 2019, I can’t wait to see the fights and how the tie all the loose ends.

Crazy Rich Asians

Coming in at a 91% rating, Crazy Rich Asians not only became a critical but also a financial success for not only the romantic comedy genre but for Asian American centered movies on the big screen. Everyone can relate not living up to the their future spouse’s family and this one cranks it up a notch trying to marry into a crazy rich Asian family. Amazing visuals and settings, an excellent soundtrack, and a story overflowing in tension that all you can do is swim and wade in said tension until the very end. Characters that are a tad over the top but with each of them being relatable, you definitely know someone like each star in the movie. This is the movie I recommend frequently as it is an easy watch and not much backstory needs to be explained.


Isle of Dogs

Highly anticipated stop motion film directed by Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs notches an 89% rating. It’s basically the story of a boy and his love for his dog but with a twist. It is certainly the best dog themed movie out there with the big jump of live action animal movies coming to the big screen lately. Because of the story involving a hidden government conspiracy, you get sucked into that more than just the generic “dog is lost from owner, how does said dog get back” trope that the live action versos basically are. There are also a ton of high profile voice actors that give each distinct dog more fleshed out backstories. On top of everything, the movie is a visual masterpiece. You can pause any scene in the movie and it can easily be any high quality wallpaper. With so much artistic detail in the graphs, I couldn’t help but admire and soak in what my eyeballs were viewing.

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

One of my all time Pixar movies gets a sequel and at a rating of 94%, it doesn’t disappoint! Incredibles 2 comes 15 years after the original and it picks up right where the first movie ends. Bringing back the whole voice cast and the original director Brad Bird was essential and it shows in their work. Flip the script with Hellen being out on the job while Bob stays home and takes care of the kids brings a very awesome and funny parallel to the first flick. Of course with the usual Pixar magic, you get unmatched computer graphics, deep engaging soundtrack, and a very well written story. 

Disappointing Movies 


Super Troopers 2

Cult favorite Super Troopers finally gets its second movie but it comes in with a whimper. It just wasn’t as memorable as the first movie. Sure it has a few great callbacks to the funny moments in the first one, but it couldn’t create anything funny to make it cult memorable. Plus, it seemed like no one else I knew went to go watch it. 

Sorry To Bother You

Didn’t expect it to be a dark comedy with a twist. It really surprised me and just pulled me out of the mood I had originally came into from the trailers. It’s only a one time view. Horse cocks!

Mary Poppins Returns

Another one of my childhood movies gets a remake/sequel and it felt like I owed it to myself to watch it. The first half of the movie was great with the call back to first film with hand drawn animation mixed with live action. Second half went generic Disney with everyone overcoming the odds to save the family. I just didn’t care for it as it actually didn’t involve Mary Poppins to drive the story. On top of that, the music just didn’t have the addicting memorable songs like the original and therefore were all forgettable. Very unfortunate.

Next is video games…

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