2NE1 – Hate You

2NE1 Hate You

Release Date: July 21, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Hate You


2NE1 is certainly cranking out a lot of material in short amount of time aren’t they? Their last time out they were all bitch, thuggish and ready to beat your ass with bats & spinner belts proclaiming they are the best. This time, well… I guess they’ve cooled off and we get something a little bit smoother.

Smooth as in a feeling, not production wise as a lot current K-Pop productions are using some synths with some rough edges on them. I guess think of this as more Daft Punk-ish in parts and standard K-Pop in others. Not a bad combo but I’m pretty sure we’ve heard 2NE1 do this before to better effect.

The theme of this song is well within the man hating, kiss my sweet ass, I’m gonna be a bad ass bitch by myself territory. Again, something that this group has done to death before but they still manage to pull it off thanks to their copious amounts of swagger.

The one complaint that many fans have had about Hate You is that it’s dominated by CL & Bom with Minzy & Dara making short cameos here & there. While not exactly fair, that’s how things go. It’s up to the producers to choose who fits the song and if your favorite member didn’t get a lot of lines, be happy they’re in the video. Oh wait… It’s an animated video this time, and as cool as it is I’m not sure that really counts.

It may sound like I don’t like this song. That’s not exactly the case. I do like it, but it kind of feels just a little lackluster considering what else they have released in 2011. Still, it’s better than a lot of other songs out there so that will get a pass from me.

Hate You


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