4Minute – 4Minutes Left

4 Minutes Left

Release Date: April 6, 2011

Track Listing:

  1. 4 Minutes Left
  2. Mirror Mirror
  3. Heart To Heart
  4. Sweet Suga Honey!
  5. Pretend
  6. You Know
  7. Already Gone
  8. First
  9. Hide And Seek
  10. Badly


4Minutes Left is the first official full length album for 4Minute. The strange thing about this is that it was released barely a week after their digital only EP Heart To Heart. So if you picked that up you will find all of the songs from it here. I did not have a favorable review of that EP simply because I found it to be a waste of time due to the short time span between release dates.

Now that I have heard everything in the context of a full length the songs from the EP I did not like are actually much better than I thought.  It’s amazing what a  well thought out track listing can do to change one’s mind on songs.

The lead single Mirror Mirror, Already Gone and the First sum up how the up tempo songs sound. Already Gone is a personal favorite having a strong deviation from the typical current K-Pop sound. All the lower tempo songs are impressive with Pretend and Badly being the stand outs in that department. Especially Badly, that is one hell of a ballad and a sweet way to end the album.

The one thing I like most about this album is that it was only 10 tracks deep which left little room for filler tracks. In fact, there are none to be heard on 4minutes Left. Isn’t that nice? An album you can actually listen to all the way through without having to hit the skip button because some songs outstay their welcome.

In the end 4Minutes Left more than makes up for the disappointment that was Diamond and is definitely worth checking out.

4 Minutes Left

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