4minute – Volume Up

4Minute Volume Up

Release Date: April 9, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Get On The Floor
  2. Volume Up
  3. I’m Okay
  4. Say My Name
  5. Femme Fatale
  6. Dream Racer
  7. Black Cat


4minute’s third Korean EP was an interesting listen. Cube Entertainment has decided to drop any traces of heavy Electro Pop that has dominated many of their earlier songs in favor of a blend of Hip-Pop, R&B and more organic sounding Pop Dance tracks. Was the change good or bad for 4minute?

I am in the camp of change is good. In fact it’s very good in the case of this group. 4minute manage to sound better without all the overbearing (And sometimes overdone) production wizardry backing them.

A good example of this is the title track, which at its core is a rather simple dance beat that is driven by a saxophone instead of some sort of played out synth patch. Sure it sounds a little like a Lady Gaga song but would you rather their producers rip off Bieber instead?

If you’re not in the mood for the cheese induced by a saxophone, you can always skip over to Dream Racer, it’s a little more modern sounding and equally as good as Volume Up. A bonus is that it won’t bring back nightmares of 80’s porn soundtracks or Kenny G.

The other song to take note of is I’m Okay. It’s the only slow(ish) song on the EP and no, this is not a cover of the BoA song of the same name. However, it is a great mid-tempo track that allows the members to show off some subtle vocal gymnastics. In a way it’s close to the kind of tone that was set on Badly. (From their 2011 album 4minutes Left)

I appreciate that this was a full EP full of new material instead of the typical cash grab type of release. Secondly, it might signify a change in direction. Much like the Wonder Girls I wouldn’t mind hearing 4minute take on more Urban oriented stuff.

Overall this was a strong effort (For an EP) and definitely worth investing some time in.

Volume Up

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