Release Date: January 4, 2015

Track Listing

  1. M O R E
  2. Ippozutsu
  3. M O R E (Instrumental)
  4. Ippozutsu (Instrumental)


Every once in a while I will receive e-mail in the Selective Hearing mailbox from someone asking to review a music release. It doesn’t happen very often but when I do get one I do take the time to listen to what people send me. It’s only fair right?

When it comes to Western acts that cite J-Pop as one of their major influences I am extremely cautious. From my experience most tend to emulate their favorite artist(s) to the point of being a parody or a tribute group instead of a serious attempt at being an individual artist. Others? Well to put it bluntly, flat out suck.

4TE Profile Pic

So when I received e-mail from the representative of an American based group called 4TE (pronounced for-tay) I was understandably skeptical. But I still decided to give their material a listen.

According to the group’s bio the sound of 4TE is heavily influenced by two Nakata Yasukata produced groups. Perfume and Capsule. This is very apparent on their debut single, a double a-side consisting of the tracks M O R E and Ippozutsu.

M O R E is a very nice slice of Electro Pop that would not sound out of place amongst similar tracks in Japan. It does have a bit of a sugary vibe to it due to the vocals, but the instrumental gives the song enough of a club edge to not make that aspect overpowering.

On to the other a-side Ippozutsu. It immediately reminds me of a vocaloid track that I would hear in something like a Hatsune Miku video game. It’s probably the heavy use of autotune that brings that to mind. Not that it’s a bad thing. I may rag on the effect but when it’s used tastefully it does wonders for a song.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this group and in the end I was pleasantly surprised. If they happen to catch your attention and you would like to learn more about this group you can check out the following links:

4TE Official Site

4TE Facebook Page

4TE YouTube Channel