7 cm – 7 cm Review

7 cm Album Cover

Release Date:  January 12, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Overture
  2. Just Do It
  3. Brilliant World
  4. Fairy Tale
  5. Once Again
  6. Believe
  7. Say Yeah!
  8. Nanairo Hana (七色花)
  9. Kirameku Ashita (キラメク明日)


At the end of March of 2012 SDN48 disbanded and from their ashes a new group called 7 cm arose. Seven members from the former SDN are featured in this new group:

Ito Mana (伊東愛)
Imayoshi Megumi (今吉めぐみ)
Umeda Haruka (梅田悠)
Kaida Jyuri (甲斐田樹里)
Kato Mami (加藤雅美)
Konan (こなん)
Hosoda Miyuu (細田海友)

In January 2014 the group released this, their self-titled mini-album.

Given that this is a release on the popular AVEX label there is some expectation that will be a difference from the AKS productions that these women have been given as backing tracks for so long. Upon first listen there is the typical AVEX swagger on this album giving 7 cm a chance to compete with current contemporary female pop groups. That probably isn’t the most enthusiastic response to this album is it?

It’s not like the material isn’t catchy. There certainly are a few gems worth giving a few spins such as Fairy Tale, Believe and to an extent Say Yeah, but in the end there isn’t much to really differentiate this group from an already overflowing crowd of similar artists at this point in time.

Given that 7 cm is to go on “hiatus” (a.k.a. disbanding to pursue individual opportunities) as of July 11, 2014 it’s most likely that this is their only kick at the can as a unit.

Depending on your point of view you can see that as a shame since the members of the group are more mature than the average and there was potential to develop into something decent faster given their previous experience before their formation.

Or you can look at it as throwing in the towel before getting brow beat by younger groups nipping at their old hag heels.

Either way, their first (and probably only) mini-album/album was okay at best and is perhaps worth giving a quick listen to see if anything interests you. Otherwise perhaps those who want a complete collection of AKS family related artist’s works may be more inclined to add this to their collection.




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  1. I loved the songs I saw from them at TIF last year, I definitely need to check this out. Like you said, they weren’t exactly groundbreaking, but just some very well made dance music.

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