9 Years of Selective Hearing

On this 30th day of January Selective Hearing was born as its own separate entity. Before then it was part of my now deleted personal blog. It has been nine years since that time and much has changed in the idol blogging landscape.

As I mentioned in the January editorial, nine years for an English language Asian Pop/Idol blog is an eternity. Many of the people who I met when I started this site in 2006 are now long gone. They are either retired from active idol fandom and living life peacefully or are actually not of this Earth anymore.

In other words presumed deceased. It’s been a while since I’ve seen certain people online or in person so you never know right? Of course there are those who are still around from the days of yore so not all of them have disappeared. They’re just off doing their own thing and I happen to see them every couple of years when our fandoms cross.

I have also watched several upstarts come in like a fireball and fizzle out quickly like a cheap sparkler on a birthday cake more times than I can count. Yes, there were more popular sites than this out there who catered to needs of certain fans and got a ton of traffic. And there were better run sites who achieved more in their short life than we ever have. Yet they are gone and we are still here.

I can’t say that there haven’t been difficult times during our run so far and to be honest there were numerous moments when I thought about throwing in the towel. I can’t speak for the others who write for this site but I believe idol fandom in particular is not exactly the sunshine and rainbows many people make it out to be. There’s a lot of politics and bullshit one has to deal within the community and trust me when I say that with idol fans you’ll find plenty of it.


That’s not to say I’m pure and have not been involved in the pointless arguments and disagreements within the fandom. I certainly have had some “disagreements” with others and I have learned to try and distance myself from sources of unnecessary drama. The operative word in that sentence is “try”. I admittedly have not got that quite right yet.

And with the fan demographic becoming significantly younger as the years have gone by there is an ever widening gap between being able to have an intelligent, mostly civil discussion and falling into the pit of “arguing on the Internet”.

South Park Grandpa

As I start to enter the “old guy” years of age I have come to realize that I don’t necessarily agree with some of the new generation who have come up through the blogosphere. And most of the ones I feel I can get along with in one way or another I have cherry picked to contribute to this site.

In general I find there’s a different way of thinking out there now with some of the humorless automotons who cannot comprehend constructive (and sometimes blunt) criticism or snarky remarks against the idols they love. Idols are serious business and all right? How dare anyone besmirch the young ladies and men who entertain the masses. They’re all perfect and amazing.

Unlike the past I will avoid the path of confrontation and instead agree to disagree. The zeal and blind passion of my youth is long gone and this line from Lethal Weapon basically sums up my feelings these days when it comes to any of the unnecessary shenanigans that idol fandom can unleash.

Of course it’s not all doom, gloom and emo. The positives that I have experienced certainly outweigh the negatives. Creating this site has given me the opportunity to travel to different cities within Canada, America and Japan to attend various events, network with like-minded individuals, do some shameless promotion and meet some pretty cool people.

I have developed close friendships with some of those people over the years. That is probably what I treasure most over the time this site has been in existence. Since I live in a part of Canada that doesn’t have a lot of people who share the same music and cultural interests (i.e. not just being an anime geek) I try to take advantage of when all the people I do know in the fandom get together in the same place. I’m sure there are a few of you in the same boat as I.

Like in the 2014 year-end post I will again thank the current contributors to Selective Hearing for your hard work and effort. I would also like to thank any past contributors as well. You were part of the foundation this site was built upon and helped keep the lights on. Without all of you Selective Hearing would not be where it is at today.

To the readers of this site, whoever you are. Another big thank you for supporting Selective Hearing. Whether you love us or hate us at least you’re willing to consider what we have to say. And that’s what counts in the end. Hopefully we have managed to meet the requirements of whatever you were or are looking for.

In closing I ask you to raise your drinking apparatus to another year in the books and a steady march to 2016 when we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the site.

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