9Nine – Chikutaku 2Nite


Release Date: December 21, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Chikutaku 2NITE
  2. Angel Drops
  3. Cross Over (tofubeats Remix)
  4. Chikutaku 2NITE (Instrumental)
  5. Angel Drops (Instrumental)


Chikutaku 2NITE is idol group 9nine’s (pronounced as “nine”) 4th single since signing to Sony Music Japan. It’s an uptempo slice of pop that has a sound that should be familiar to those who closely follow idol pop.

It’s not exactly any ground breaking stuff in that regard but what idol music actually is at the moment? What you do get is a finely crafted 3 and a half minutes of pop bliss that should please many.

The b-sides consist of Angel Drops and the tofubeats remix of Cross Over. Angel Drops is an okay song. Much like the a-side it’s run of the mill but not as interesting or catchy. The remix of Cross Over on the other hand is something completely different from the typical remix treatment these kinds of songs get.

I guess the best way to describe the tofubeats remix of Cross Over is to think of it as Pop crossed with Dub Step but not in the way the Wonder Girls did with The DJ Is Mine. This was much more pop up until the chorus sections where it goes full on into club mode.

In the end this was a pretty good package of songs. Having had very little exposure to this group before this song I can say that I am definitely interested in giving their back catalog a listen.

Chikutaku 2NITE

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Chikutaku 2NITE Limited A

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Chikutaku 2NITE Limited C

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