9nine – Cue

9ine Cue

Release Date: March 13, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Ryuusei no Kuchizuke
  2. Sakura, Yureru
  3. Colorful
  4. I Am…
  5. Candy
  6. Sparkling Days
  7. One Kiss
  8. Precious
  9. 3three
  10. White Wishes
  11. Brave
  12. Smile & Tears
  13. Iiaru Kyonshi


9nine’s fourth album was released a year after their third self-titled album and contains the singles colorful, White Wishes, Iiaru Kyonshi and Ryuusei no Kuchizuke. There are no detours into electronic idol dance pop this time. Instead the music on Cue somewhat follows the typical idol template.

With that said there is an even blend of mid and low tempo tracks that bring balance to the faster dance songs.

Normally when an idol album contains those types of songs they are filler. (unless one or more were singles) 9nine luckily avoid that pitfall on Cue and we are given some decent cuts. As you make your way through Cue I suggest you take note of the slower songs in particular as a few have a slightly more mature sound similar to that of Tokyo Girls Style ballads.

In that respect Sakura Yureru and Sparkling Days are the ones that are the most attention grabbing. The latter is definitely one that does not sound idol-like at all. It’s almost adult contemporary in nature. Yeah, AC and idols usually don’t mix, but in this case the blend is executed well.

For those who like the up tempo songs give I Am and Candy a listen first. Both are strong examples of what sets 9nine apart from their competition. I Am is a frantically paced somewhat Eurobeat inspired assault on your ears while Candy is more conventional idol dance/pop with light house-like piano chords.

It’s not all good though. 3three sounded a little too childish for my tastes but I could see it appealing to those who enjoy traditional idol fare. Iiaru Kyonshi is the one song that doesn’t necessarily fit within the flow of the album. In fact, it kind of throws things off with it’s strangeness. It sounds more like it belonged on a Momoiro Clover Z single/album instead. It is understandable why it is the at the end of the album, but it felt tacked on to get as many of the previously released singles in as possible.

Other than those two minor gripes Cue is some rather fine idol pop that manages to make 9nine stand out among the plethora of similar groups flooding the market.


Ryuusei no Kuchizuke

White Wishes

Cue (Regular Edtion)

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Cue (Limited A)

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Cue (Limited B)

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