A Gift to Michishige Sayumi: Let’s Make the Best Buy Theater Glow Pink!

Pink Glow Stick Project

On October 5, 2014, Morning Musume ’14 will grace American fans with a solo concert in New York City’s Best Buy Theater!

And unless you can make it to Japan at the end of this year, this will likely be your last chance to experience this iconic stage in Morning Musume’s history!

Michishige Sayumi, the current leader of Morning Musume ’14, joined the group over a decade ago, in 2003. Through 11 years of hard work, camaraderie, laughter, pain, and tears, she has contributed an unprecedented amount to the group, sculpting it into what we know and love today.

At the end of this year’s Autumn tour, she will be graduating.

To show our gratitude for everything she’s gave us, and gave the group, I want to make the venue glow pink for her.

With 4000 ultra bright pink glowsticks, we can give 2 per person to light up the venue. In past US Hello! Project concerts, I’ve noticed that at least half of the crowd has been dark. And even though more people have been investing in personal glowsticks or kingblades recently, this project will ensure one uniform pink glow that EVERYONE will be a part of.

Even just a small donation will really contribute to the project, so let’s show our love in the pinkest, brightest way we can imagine!

What We Need

4000 ultra bright glowsticks + shipping: $2623.00
2000 rubber bands: $10.00

Everything else, including Indiegogo fees, instruction papers/slips, transport, and manual labor, I, along with volunteers, will be taking care of.

The Impact

A great big heartfelt smile? Some tears? I don’t know what her reaction will be but, we just want to show Sayumi how much we appreciate and love her, right? 🙂

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word.

Forums, twitter, tumblr, facebook, whatever social media sites you use. Some people may not be able to make the concert, but might still want to donate to this project.

So please, share this page wherever you can.

– Sherrily Huang