A.I. – Viva A.I.

Viva A.I. / AI

Release Date: March 4, 2009

Track Listing

  1. You Are My Star
  2. My Angel
  3. So Special (Version A.I.) feat. ATSUSHI (EXILE)
  4. Kimi to Ita Basho
  5. Feel For You
  6. Sceam feat. Jesse from RIZE
  7. People In The World
  8. Fire!
  9. Like A Bird feat. Corn Head
  10. Day Vacation
  11. Nobody Like You
  12. Rose
  13. Touch The Sky
  14. Okuribito
  15. You Are My Star (Kocky & Trash Remix)
  16. Broken Strings – Jame feat. A.I. (Kocky & Trash Remix)


Viva A.I. is the 6th studio album (excluding compilations) from R&B songstress A.I. For the most part the album sits firmly within the R&B mold with a few detours along the way. Unfortunately that results in a couple of filler tracks that serve no real purpose but to take up space on the album.

I think if this were to be trimmed down by 4 tracks it would have been a much more cohesive album. But 4/16 is pretty good since most albums that go past 10 songs usually hit the 50+% mark for filler. Given that bit of information there is still a great batch of goodness to listen to.

You Are My Star is basically a clone of Ne-Yo’s Closer. I find it funny that a lot current R&B tracks are taking inspiration from that song in some way. Nobody Like You is a ballad that has a Teddy Riley/Blackstreet kind of vibe to it. Right down to the vocodered background vocals. It’s the kind of R&B ballad one would have hard back in the early 90’s.

People In The World is a funky party track with a touch of 70’s style soul. Really sweet stuff. But the most interesting song on this album is Scream. It’s a rap/rock hybrid with a killer lead synth line. It’s the one high energy track amongst a group of mostly mid-tempo numbers and definitely something that grabs your attention.

Overall a fairly decent album with the exception of the previously mentioned filler and a couple of rather pointless remixes tacked on at the end.

CD + DVD (Limited Edition)

CD (Normal Version)

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