AB6IX – Breathe (Selective Hearing Remix)

AB6IX B Complete Album Cover

Release Date: May 22, 2019
Key: A Minor
BPM: 125

I found a fairly decent vocal (meaning mostly free of annoying artifacts) rip of AB6IX’s Breathe online and decided to take a go at seeing what I could do with the song. Given that it pretty much falls within my comfort zone genre wise I figured this would be somewhat easy to piece together.

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AB6IX – Breathre (2019)

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AB6IX – Breathe (Instrumental) [2019]

When it came to the arrangement I tried to stick as close as possible to the original. I referenced the instrumental quite a bit to get an idea of the foundation Breathe is built on. During this process I quickly discovered how complex some of the transitions were. It was a good lesson in how movement is created between the various sections of a song.

Sound wise I chose patches that gave a deeper and somewhat moodier feeling than those of the original song. I used layering and panning effects to give the instruments a richer tone and to add some weight to the overall instrumental.

The end result is a remix that at its core stays close to the original version but doesn’t get as bright and dancey in the chorus sections.

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