After School – Flashback

After School Flashback

Release Date: June 22, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Rip Off (Korean Version)
  2. Flashback
  3. Eyeline
  4. Wristwatch
  5. Timeless


Flashback is After School’s return to K-Pop without their long-time leader Kahi, who graduated from the group to pursue a full-time solo career. It also is the debut of fifth generation member Kaeun. This is technically classified as a maxi-single but it looks like it’s structured like an EP. Of course this is K-Pop so where singles are albums and albums are singles so I really don’t know anymore.

Anyway, you get a small number of tracks to work with in this package, 3 Dance/Pop songs and 2 ballads. The up tempo songs are not the typical K-Pop that we are all used to. It appears that the time of Electro has passed in the genre. Much like many other K-Pop groups there is shift to more organic sounding dance music with small traces of the the next hot thing in EDM, Dubstep.

OF the 3 songs that make up the start of the album I would say that Eyeline is the most interesting listen. It has traces of the radio friendly dance music that is making a bit of a comeback in North America. The vocal performances are more subtle than the diva antics you would expect from a track with a driving beat such as this one.

As for the ballads? They’re nice but kind of sound out of place in the grand scheme of things. Go with Timeless if you insist on listening all the way through. It’s probably the better of the two provided here just because it’s less sappy overall.

In the end the departure of Kahi hasn’t really affected this group too much. To be honest it doesn’t sound like After School is necessarily missing her. That might be kind of harsh for long-time fans of this group to swallow but it seems to be the case with this.. Uh… Whatever it is. Single? EP?

Regardless of what this qualifies as, it’s some quality work.


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