After School – Happy Pledis

After School Happy Pledis 1st Album

Release Date: December 9, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Love Love Love
  2. Someone Is You
  3. Love Love Love (Instrumental)
  4. Someone Is You (Instrumental)


After School is one of many in the long assembly line of K-Pop girl groups. They made their debut in 2009 and are familiar to many J-Pop fans for their cover of Morning Musume’s Love Machine which was retitled Dream Girl. For many others, their first exposure to the group may have been the Samsung Amoled campaign where they collaborated with Son Dam Bi for a song named after the phone or maybe you have to go even more recent with last years mega catchy Bang!

Well whatever your exposure has been, if you’re a fan of them then jump for joy because they have another release for you to scoop up. Happy Pledis is being marketed as the group’s 1st album. Um.. Yeah. Really? This is basically a single and doesn’t even qualify as an EP as far as I’m concerned. But whatever, if the label is calling it an album on the cover I’ll call it that too. (Even thought it really isn’t one)

Both songs here are pretty good and there is a choice between a retro 60’s style song in Love Love Love or a Leona Lewis sounding ballad in Someone Is You. You can’t go wrong with either as both have their strong points. I guess which one you like more would depend on your mood.

Overall, a nice single. (not album)

Happy Pledis

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