AILI – Future

Aili Future

Release Date: December 8, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Memories Again feat. VERBAL
  2. Shiny! Shiny! (Thanx to May J.)
  3. 言葉にできない Love song (Thanx to EMI MARIA)
  4. Interlude ~Three Quarter Asian~
  5. One Story (Thanx to May J. & KEN THE 390)
  6. Time and You (Thanx to SATOMI)
  7. You’re My Problem (Thanx to twenty4-7)
  8. Wish (Thanx to 石川マリー)
  9. Feeling… -2010 ver.
  10. Clever Lady (Thanx to hiroko (mihimaru GT))
  11. Wanna Go (Thanx to JAMOSA)
  12. RHYTHM (Thanx to 藤井リナ)
  13. Interlude ~blue sky~
  14. Get My Way (Thanx to Dream)
  15. Brand New Day (Thanx to Sowelu)
  16. 海の見える街 (Thanx to Baby M)
  17. Blue sky -tributed to the boy – (Bonus Track)


  1. AILI ft. VERBAL (m-flo) / 「Memories Again」 ‒Music Video-
  2. AILI thanx to May J. /「 Shiny! Shiny!」 ‒Music Video-
  3. AILI thanx to May J. & KEN THE 390 /「 One story」 ‒Music Video


AILI is known more for her production work on the AVEX label working with many of their artists including Tohoshinki, May J, Maki Goto, JAMOSA and ICONIQ. Future is her debut as a solo artist and features the singles Memories Again (feat. VERBAL), Shiny Shiny (feat. May J.) and One Story (feat. Ken The 390).

This is pretty much almost all collaborations with many other AVEX artists. I guess you can compare this to something like what Timbaland does when he puts out albums with the “producer featuring [insert name here] ” kind of deal.The difference here is that AILI is still front and center and all the guests are compliments instead of the driving vocal force behind the songs.

With that said there are a lot of great R&B flavored songs along with a few dance oriented tracks. AILI as a producer is touted as the “No. 1 Female Producer” which I believe is warranted. As a singer? Maybe not #1 but she has a very nice voice that works well with the songs on this album. She’s not going to be hitting any Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera type notes but she’s got a pleasant enough voice nonetheless.

Besides the lead singles other songs worth checking out are the ballads Time and You (feat. SATOMI), Wish (feat. Ishikawa Mari) and Feeling… 2010 version. For more up tempo fare give Clever Lady (feat. hiroko from mihimaru GT), Rhythm and Brand New Day (feat. Sowelu) a spin. These should give those too impatient to sit through the entire album a good idea of what to expect.

Overall this was surprisingly solid. It’s kind of hard to tell what will happen when a producer becomes an artist themselves but I think AILI did just fine. Perhaps there was a bit of overkill with the guest appearances and it would have been nice to have more than just 2 solo songs but for a debut it’s some fairly high quality stuff.

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