Aira Mitsuki – ??? (スリークエスチョン)

Aira Mitsuki

Release Date: November 17, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Train Train feat. Tamaki Roy
  2. 321
  3. Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no Sa
  4. Why Two
  5. Rainy  Tone
  6. Human Future
  7. Last Love
  8. Parameter
  9. ???
  10. Fly
  11. Smile
  12. Love Re:


Aira Mitsuki is a Japanese Electronica artist whose musical style is similar to Perfume and Capsule. ??? (Three Questions) is her third studio album and it features the digital singles Aishi Aisarete Ikiru no sa and Why Two?

Much of the music on this album is similar to that of her label mate [email protected] as they are both produced by Terukado Onishi. That should bring a bit of familiarity to those who are looking for another reference point outside of the more popular Electro Pop artists.

With that said there should be no surprises as to what to expect on this album if you follow the genre. Many up tempo and catchy club ready tracks suited for those who need an adrenaline boost or decent driving music to blast out of their car.

Does that mean that everything here is disposable dance music that goes in one ear & out the other? I don’t think so really. This is about a mainstream as you’re going to get out of Yasutaka Nakata productions and that’s pretty damn good stuff I think.

There really aren’t any bad tracks on this album. Rather strange for an Electro Pop album as these tend to go off the beaten track and get all weird, experimental and downright strange at times. I would say give Train Train, 321, Parameter and Fly a listen first and see if those fit your tastes before moving deeper into the album.

I don’t really listen to a lot of non-Nakata produced artists so to hear one on the same musical level as those was surprising. It’s a pity this charted so low on the Oricon charts (peaking around #45 / 2500’ish copies sold) since it’s some great stuff.

??? (スリークエスチョン) [Regular Edition]

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??? (スリークエスチョン) [Limited Edition]

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