AK – Say That You Love Me

AK Say That You Love Me

Release Date: August 25, 2010

Track Listing

  1. Say That You Love Me (FK-EK Japanese Vocal Remix- Danny Krivit Edit)
  2. If You Love Me (AK Twilight Mix)
  3. Heaven Is Right Here (Heaven Vocal Mix)
  4. All Day, All Night, Always
  5. Beautiful Sunrise
  6. Love (Floating-Point Mix)
  7. Day & Night (AK Forever Mix)
  8. No One Else (Jon Cutler Distant Music Flute Mix – AKDK Edit)
  9. Golden Lady (AK Golden MIx – AKDK Edit)
  10. Shining Your Way (Danny Krivit Alt. Edit)
  11. Ride (AK Ride Mix)


Akemi Kakihara (a.k.a. AK) is an artist whose sound is similar to other Japanese House music acts like Daishi Dance and DJ Kawasaki and Say That You Love Me is a collection of club ready tracks (no radio edits here ) for the discerning House DJ who needs something to play in a warm-up or cool down set or for any House Music lover.

Several singles from this album were readily available to DJ’s before its release and those include the title track, Beautiful Sunrise, No One Else and Shining Your Way. For House Music collectors this album will save a lot of crate digging as those are all included on Say That You Love Me.

There are also many outstanding album cuts to take in with Heaven Is Right Here, All Day, All Night, Always, and Golden Lady being the ones worth listening to the most. They definitely showcase AK’s sweet vocals and for those who are wary of listening to House Music in Japanese don’t worry. Most of the songs are in English.

Another bonus is that you get to hear some great productions from famous producers within the genre such as Francois K, Eric Kupper and Danny Krivit.

With all that said this probably won’t appeal too much mainstream pop listeners. One, the songs are too long for most to handle (being full  12″ tracks and all) and two, some people still think that any form of dance music is soul-less, cold and electronic.

For those of you who know better, or are curious about expanding their House Music knowledge this is definitely worth investing some time in.

Say That You Love Me

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