AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Election – Preliminary Results

The following table was created by our friends at Melos no Michi. They made the results much prettier than we ever could. So props to them for taking the time to organize the original document on the AKB48 blog.

RankTeamVotesPrev Rank

—–Future Girls line—–

64Kimoto KanonSKE48 Team E2,27556
63Tano YukaAKB48 Team A2,39445
62Iwasa MisakiAKB48 Team B2,40633
61Miyawaki SakuraHKT48 Team H2,48247
60Suzuki ShihoriAKB48 Team K2,492
59Yagura FuukoNMB48 Team M (Team A Conc)2,535
58Abe MariaAKB48 Team K2,595
57Okamoto NaokoHKT48 Kenkyuusei2,660
56Ishida HarukaAKB48 Team B2,66550
55Iwatate SahoAKB48 Kenkyuusei2,685
54Kuramochi AsukaAKB48 Team K2,69922
53Kikuchi AyakaAKB48 Team A2,70451
52Fujie ReinaAKB48 Team B2,71040
51Tomonaga MioHKT48 Kenkyuusei2,740
50Maeda AmiAKB48 Team A2,76142
49Moriyasu MadokaHKT48 Team H2,809
—–Next Girls line—–
48Kaneko ShioriSKE48 Team E2,821
47Yamashita YukariSKE48 Team KII2,864
46Oba MinaAKB48 Team B (Team KII Conc)2,86857
45Yamada NanaNMB48 Team M2,87246
44Ichikawa MioriAKB48 Team B (Team N Conc)2,94858
43Kinoshita YukikoSKE48 Team E3,072
42Tashima MeruHKT48 Kenkyuusei3,080
41Oota AikaHKT48 Team H3,25952
40Isohara KyokaSKE48 Team S3,272
39Yakata MikiSKE48 Team S3,27762
38Kitahara RieAKB48 Team K3,50713
37Takajo AkiJKT48 Team J (Team B Conc)4,11417
36Katayama HarukaAKB48 Team B4,11848
35Muto TomuAKB48 Team K4,19549
34Furukawa AiriSKE48 Team KII4,39230
33Kawaei RinaAKB48 Team A4,457
—–Under Girls line—–
32Matsumoto RinaSKE48 Team KII4,493
31Jonishi KeiNMB48 Team N4,640
30Nakanishi YukaSKE48 Team S4,65463
29Oya MasanaSKE48 Team S4,70327
28Takayanagi AkaneSKE48 Team KII4,82424
27Iriyama AnnaAKB48 Team A4,864
26Minegishi MinamiAKB48 Kenkyuusei4,87514
25Saito MakikoSKE48 Team S5,051
24Kodama HarukaHKT48 Team H (Team A Conc)5,096
23Yabushita ShuNMB48 Team BII5,539
22Umeda AyakaAKB48 Team B6,03016
21Umemoto MadokaSKE48 Team E6,055
20Kojima HarunaAKB48 Team B6,5027
19Kobayashi AmiSKE48 Team KII6,536
18Takahashi MinamiAKB48 Team A6,5986
17Matsumura KaoriSKE48 Kenkyuusei6,61634
—–Senbatsu line—–
16Kizaki YuriaSKE48 Team S6,89131
15Shinoda MarikoAKB48 Team A7,1265
14Itano TomomiAKB48 Team K7,4078
13Yamamoto SayakaNMB48 Team N8,09718
12Miyazawa SaeSNH48 (Team K Conc)8,56711
11Suda AkariSKE48 Team KII8,75329
10Watanabe MiyukiNMB48 Team N (Team B Conc)9,16319
9Yokoyama YuiAKB48 Team K10,61615
8Shibata AyaSKE48 Team KII8,753
7Shimazaki HarukaAKB48 Team B11,83223
6Matsui RenaSKE48 Team E12,17710
5Kashiwagi YukiAKB48 Team B12,8873
4Matsui JurinaSKE48 Team S (Team K Conc)13,6569
3Oshima YukoAKB48 Team K14,0001
2Watanabe MayuAKB48 Team A14,8852
1Sashihara RinoHKT48 Team H28,5634



Well there ain’t much to say really. To be honest I laughed when I saw this because it’s not exactly a true reflection of what will really happen.

We all know that this will change completely by the time the final votes are tallied. I actually had fun watching the more “srs business” fans piss their pants on social media and forums over placements of certain girls in the list.

There are probably 2 things that the list that might be foreshadowing something. First, Takajo Aki’s ranking might be pretty accurate and it could be a wake up call to kind of stop being a be-otch about her JKT placement and be more like Nakagawa & embrace it.

Second, Sashihara Rino taking center nova does not seem out of the realistic realm of possibilities and if she does indeed garner enough votes; taking #1 would be rather refreshing.

Other than that? Meh. It is what it is for initial results. Best to wait until the actual event for the shock and awe of it all.

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