AKB48 – Give Me Five


Release Date: February 15, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Give Me Five
  2. Sweet & Bitter
  3. New Ship
  4. Hitsujikai no Tabi
  5. Give Me Five (Off. Vocal Version)
  6. Sweet & Bitter (Off. Vocal Version)
  7. New Ship (Off. Vocal Version)
  8. Hitsujikai no Tabi (Off. Vocal Version)


NOTE: This review covers the Type A & B versions.

AKB48’s 25th single is a Ska influenced song called Give Me Five. Those of you who watched the Top 25 of their 2012 Set List concert saw the members involved in this single actually play this song themselves.

Sure it was rather high school talent show mediocre but hey, props to AKS for trying to give their girls some experience playing their own damn songs. Which is a lot more than I can say for similar idol groups. (*cough*H!P I’M LOOKING AT YOU*cough*   *cough*MAKE BUONO! PLAY A SIMPLE SONG AS A 3 PIECE*cough*)

Obviously the recorded version of is much better with session musicians doing the bulk of the heavy lifting while the AKB girls take control of the vocal duties. The musical bed reminds me of old No Doubt songs for some reason. Somewhere around the Tragic Kingdom era I think. I guess if you want a Japanese reference think Oreska Band?

As for the singing? Well I’m still not sure who is singing what part to be honest. So far I’ve found that AKB relies a lot on more than 1 person singing lines at a time so perhaps that’s something I shouldn’t even bother picking at?

I admit that I do find the whole choral group thing kind of jarring coming from H!P land where certain members are labelled as “line whores” and such. But hey, less unnecessary fan fueled drama to worry about I guess. Why complicate matters when you can just get everyone to sing at the same time? That I can live with.

Anyway, the b-sides consist of one cutesy pop song (Sweet & Bitter), one ballad (Histujikai no Tabi) and a more conventional sounding AKB type song. (New Ship) I wasn’t really down with Sweet & Bitter. It sort of had a little too much sweet in it for my liking, but I can see many people loving this song.

It’s kind of hard to decide which of the two remaining tracks is better. Both have their strong points and I guess it depends on what kind of listening mood you are in. Personally I gravitate more towards New Ship since I’m usually in the mood for some uptempo, wake you up kind of tunes.

Overall I found this to be a great collection songs. Will this be another million seller? Maybe. I mean anything labeled AKB these days usually sells tons whether the song actually deserves it or not, but I would be happy if this one did hit the million mark.

Give Me Five Type A

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Give Me Five Type B

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